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2023-05-24(Wed): 'Black Adam' - Movie Review
2023-05-24(Wed): 'Anansi Boys' - Book Review
2023-05-20(Sat): Wake-on-LAN
2023-05-13(Sat): 'RRR' - Movie Review
2023-05-12(Fri): '5-25-77' - Movie Review
2023-05-12(Fri): 'A Civil Campaign' - Book Review
2023-05-10(Wed): 'Ghosts' Season 2 (BBC) - TV Review
2023-05-09(Tue): 'Secret Headquarters' - Movie Review
2023-05-02(Tue): 'Three Thousand Years of Longing' - Movie Review
2023-04-30(Sun): Toronto Beer Update: Halo, Indie, High Park
2023-04-26(Wed): 'Puss in Boots: The Last Wish' - Movie Review
2023-04-24(Mon): Scripts to Help Manage TLS Certs Across Multiple Domains
2023-04-23(Sun): 'Death: The Deluxe Edition' - Book Review
2023-04-19(Wed): Running Multiple X Sessions on One Machine
2023-04-19(Wed): 'The Mint' - Book Review
2023-04-18(Tue): 'Limitless' - Movie Review
2023-04-17(Mon): Toronto Beer Update 2023-04-17
2023-04-10(Mon): 'Death: The Time of Your Life' - Book Review
2023-04-03(Mon): 'The Sandman' Season 1 - TV Review
2023-03-29(Wed): 'The Wolf of Snow Hollow' - Movie Review
2023-03-29(Wed): 'The Beatles: Get Back" - TV Review
2023-03-28(Tue): 'Strange World' - Movie Review
2023-03-24(Fri): 'Il Buco' - Movie Review
2023-03-24(Fri): Why "Hi Ren"
2023-03-20(Mon): 'Murder in: The Morvan' - Movie Review
2023-03-20(Mon): 'A Walk in the Sun' - Movie Review
2023-03-19(Sun): 'The Green Knight' - Movie Review
2023-03-18(Sat): 'Murder in: Haute-Savoie' - Movie Review
2023-03-18(Sat): 'Slash/Back' - Movie Review
2023-03-17(Fri): 'Murders in Cognac' - Movie Review
2023-03-15(Wed): 'Goodbye, Don Glees!' - Movie Review
2023-03-12(Sun): 'The Secret Garden' - Movie Review
2023-03-12(Sun): 'Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans' - Movie Review
2023-03-12(Sun): 'The Radleys' - Book Review
2023-03-08(Wed): 'Murder In: The Land of the Cathars' - Movie Review
2023-03-07(Tue): 'Murder in: Oleron' - Movie Review
2023-03-07(Tue): 'Murder in: Colmar' - Movie Review
2023-02-26(Sun): 'Infinitum: Subject Unknown' - Movie Review
2023-02-25(Sat): 'The House of the Lost on the Cape' - Movie Review
2023-02-19(Sun): 'Hydra' - Movie Review
2023-02-18(Sat): 'The Orphans of Raspay' - Book Review
2023-02-17(Fri): 'Baby Assassins' - Movie Review
2023-02-16(Thu): 'The Physicians of Vilnoc' - Book Review
2023-02-15(Wed): 'Stolen Focus' - Book Review
2023-02-14(Tue): 'Josee, the Tiger and the Fish' - Movie Review
2023-02-13(Mon): 'Falling Free' - Book Review
2023-02-12(Sun): 'Nope' - Movie Review
2023-02-10(Fri): 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' Season 1 - TV Review
2023-02-09(Thu): 'Blindspotting' - Movie Review
2023-02-03(Fri): 'Sense and Sensibility' (1981) - TV Review
2023-01-30(Mon): 'Mansfield Park' - Movie Review
2023-01-28(Sat): 'Penric's Fox' - Book Review
2023-01-27(Fri): 'The Warrior's Apprentice' - Book Review
2023-01-24(Tue): 'The Humans' - Book Review
2023-01-22(Sun): 'Uncharted' - Movie Review
2023-01-22(Sun): 'Monster Seafood Wars' - Movie Review
2023-01-21(Sat): 'Bullet Train' - Movie Review
2023-01-14(Sat): 'Amy' - Movie Review
2022-12-28(Wed): 'Morbius' - Movie Review
2022-12-18(Sun): 'Dual' - Movie Review
2022-12-17(Sat): 'Drunk Bus' - Movie Review
2022-12-11(Sun): 'Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy' - Movie Review
2022-12-11(Sun): 'The 355' - Movie Review
2022-12-11(Sun): Check Your OS and When it was Last Upgraded - Bash Shell Script
2022-12-03(Sat): 'Nine Days' - Movie Review
2022-11-26(Sat): 'DC League of Super-Pets' - Movie Review
2022-11-25(Fri): New Photos
2022-11-24(Thu): 'Tehanu' - Book Review
2022-11-20(Sun): 'Van der Valk' Season 1 - TV Review
2022-11-12(Sat): 'By the Grace of the Gods' Season 1 - Review
2022-11-12(Sat): 'Lightyear' - Movie Review
2022-11-09(Wed): 'The King's Man' - Movie Review
2022-11-06(Sun): Vim Tip #35: Status Line: Mode Display
2022-11-05(Sat): 'Dog' - Movie Review
2022-11-05(Sat): "Don't Look Up" - Movie Review
2022-11-05(Sat): Vim Tip #34: Status Line
2022-11-03(Thu): 'Learning the vi & Vim Editors,' 8th edition - Book Review
2022-11-01(Tue): 'The Batman' - Movie Review
2022-10-30(Sun): 'The Great War of Archimedes' - Movie Review
2022-10-23(Sun): 'Rampage' - Movie Review
2022-10-23(Sun): Toronto the Multicultural
2022-10-19(Wed): 'A Taxing Woman' - Movie Review
2022-10-19(Wed): 'Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday' - Movie Review
2022-10-17(Mon): Rabbit Hole: Jane Austen's Carriages
2022-10-16(Sun): 'The Forgotten Beasts of Eld' - Book Review
2022-10-15(Sat): 'Pride and Prejudice' (1995) - TV Review
2022-10-12(Wed): 'Murder in Brides-les-Bains' - Movie Review
2022-10-08(Sat): 'Murder in Moselle' - Movie Review
2022-10-08(Sat): 'Murder In: Canal du Midi' - Movie Review
2022-10-07(Fri): 'Murder in Aquitaine' - Movie Review
2022-10-05(Wed): 'Hawkeye' Season 1 - TV Review
2022-10-03(Mon): 'Thor: Love and Thunder' - Movie Review
2022-10-02(Sun): "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
2022-09-27(Tue): 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 5 - TV Review
2022-09-25(Sun): 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 4 - TV Review
2022-09-11(Sun): 'The Bad Guys' - Movie Review
2022-09-03(Sat): 'The Sky Crawlers' - Movie Review
2022-08-29(Mon): 'Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop' - Movie Review
2022-08-27(Sat): The Excellent Mr. Bennet
2022-08-25(Thu): 'All Creatures Great and Small' Season 2 - TV Review
2022-08-23(Tue): 'Marry Me' - Movie Review
2022-08-21(Sun): 'How to Deter a Robber' - Movie Review
2022-08-16(Tue): 'She Never Died' - Movie Review
2022-08-15(Mon): 'The Map of Tiny Perfect Things' - Movie Review
2022-08-14(Sun): 'Accident Man' - Movie Review
2022-08-11(Thu): 'It's Me Again' - Book Review
2022-08-08(Mon): 'Number Seventeen' - Movie Review
2022-08-06(Sat): 'Old Henry' - Movie Review
2022-07-26(Tue): 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' - Movie Review
2022-07-24(Sun): 'Murder in the Maures Mountains' - Movie Review
2022-07-23(Sat): 'Murder in the Jura Mountains' - Movie Review
2022-07-23(Sat): 'Wrath of Man' - Movie Review
2022-07-20(Wed): 'Murder in St Omer' - Movie Review
2022-07-19(Tue): 'Murder in Provins' - Movie Review
2022-07-19(Tue): Concise Git Information (Bash Prompt #8)
2022-07-17(Sun): 'The Dry' - Movie Review
2022-07-17(Sun): 'Running in the Family' - Book Review
2022-07-11(Mon): 'That's Me in the Middle' - Book Review
2022-07-08(Fri): 'The Tomorrow War' - Movie Review
2022-07-01(Fri): 'Bedazzled' (1967) - Movie Review
2022-06-29(Wed): 'Moon Knight' Season 1 - TV Review
2022-06-25(Sat): 'Rich and Strange' - Movie Review
2022-06-25(Sat): 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' - Movie Review
2022-06-22(Wed): 'Turning Red' - Movie Review
2022-06-18(Sat): 'The Last Waltz' - Movie Review
2022-06-10(Fri): 'Encanto' - Movie Review
2022-06-08(Wed): 'Around the World in 80 Days" (2021) - TV Review
2022-05-31(Tue): 'Three Cheers for Me' - Book Review
2022-05-27(Fri): 'The Protégé' - Movie Review
2022-05-27(Fri): The Bash Prompt Layout Manifesto
2022-05-25(Wed): 'Murder in Cotentin' - Movie Review
2022-05-24(Tue): 'Murder in Alsace' - Movie Review
2022-05-22(Sun): 'The Watch' Season 1 - TV Review
2022-05-22(Sun): 'Reacher' Season 1 - TV Review
2022-05-20(Fri): 'Ron's Gone Wrong' - Movie Review
2022-05-15(Sun): 'Searching for Dragons' - Book Review
2022-05-14(Sat): 'The Show' - Movie Review
2022-05-13(Fri): 'Lupin III: The First' - Movie Review
2022-05-08(Sun): 'Dealing With Dragons' - Book Review
2022-05-07(Sat): 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' - Movie Review
2022-05-07(Sat): 'The Library at Night' - VR Review
2022-04-22(Fri): A Tribute to Pogo
2022-04-21(Thu): Recent Photo
2022-04-02(Sat): 'Copshop' - Movie Review
2022-03-26(Sat): 'Prisoners of the Ghostland' - Movie Review
2022-03-17(Thu): 'The Adam Project' - Movie Review
2022-03-12(Sat): 'The Mallorca Files' Season 2 - TV Review
2022-03-10(Thu): 'The End of the Matter' - Book Review
2022-03-07(Mon): 'Orphan Star' - Book Review
2022-03-06(Sun): 'The Librarians' Season 2, TV Review
2022-02-27(Sun): 'The Mallorca Files,' Series 1 - TV Review
2022-02-25(Fri): 'Fistful of Vengeance' - Movie Review
2022-02-22(Tue): 'Whitstable Pearl' Season 1 - TV Review
2022-02-20(Sun): 2022 Winter Olympics
2022-02-18(Fri): 'Riders of Justice' - Movie Review
2022-02-14(Mon): 'Murder on Belle-Ile' - Movie Review
2022-02-13(Sun): 'Murder on Devil's Bridge' - Movie Review
2022-02-12(Sat): 'Jungle Cruise' - Movie Review
2022-02-11(Fri): 'Murder on Reunion Island' - Movie Review
2022-02-11(Fri): 'Murder in Le Havre' - Movie Review
2022-02-09(Wed): 'Murder in the Tarentaise Valley' - Movie Review
2022-02-07(Mon): 'Murder in the Auvergne Mountains' - Movie Review
2022-02-01(Tue): 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' - Movie Review
2022-01-29(Sat): 'Till Death' - Movie Review
2022-01-29(Sat): 'Patlabor: The Movie' - Movie Review
2022-01-24(Mon): 'Eternals' - Movie Review
2022-01-22(Sat): 'The Little Things' - Movie Review
2022-01-22(Sat): 'The Matrix - Resurrections' - Movie Review
2022-01-15(Sat): 'Lost Bullet' - Movie Review
2022-01-14(Fri): 'Wild Card' - Movie Review
2022-01-09(Sun): Linux Command Line: Get the Details of your Monitor
2022-01-08(Sat): Story of the Day
2022-01-04(Tue): 'The Wright Brothers' - Book Review
2022-01-02(Sun): 'Boss Level' - Movie Review
2021-12-29(Wed): ZFS - Another Introduction
2021-12-29(Wed): 'The Angel of the Crows' - Book Review
2021-12-19(Sun): 'Replay' - Book Review
2021-12-18(Sat): 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 3, TV Review
2021-12-18(Sat): 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 2, TV Review
2021-12-11(Sat): 'Red Notice' - Movie Review
2021-12-11(Sat): 256 Command Line Colours for the Bash Prompt (#7) and 'ls'/'dircolors'
2021-12-10(Fri): The 'dircolors' Command
2021-12-08(Wed): 'The Amber Spyglass' - Book Review
2021-12-03(Fri): 'Mortal Kombat' (2021) - Movie Review
2021-11-27(Sat): 'Cowboy Bebop' (2021) Season 1 - TV Review
2021-11-26(Fri): 'Incarnation' (original title 'Inkarnacija') - Movie Review
2021-11-23(Tue): 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' - Movie Review
2021-11-21(Sun): 'Arcane' Season 1 - TV Series
2021-11-19(Fri): 'Bright: Samurai Soul' - Movie Review
2021-11-17(Wed): 'The Big Bang Theory,' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-11-14(Sun): 'Midsomer Murders' Series 4 - TV Review
2021-11-13(Sat): 'The Swordsman' - Movie Review
2021-11-12(Fri): 'The Subtle Knife' - Book Review
2021-11-09(Tue): 'We Are Lady Parts' - TV Review
2021-11-07(Sun): "The Go-Go's" - Movie Review
2021-11-06(Sat): 'Great Electric Airplane Race' (Nova/PBS) - TV Review
2021-11-05(Fri): A Guide to Jackie Chan's Movies
2021-11-01(Mon): 'Dune' (2021) - Movie Review
2021-10-30(Sat): 'The Golden Compass' (aka 'Northern Lights') - Book Review
2021-10-26(Tue): Randomize Your Music with MPD and mpc
2021-10-25(Mon): 'Midsomer Murders' - Season 3
2021-10-23(Sat): 'Midsomer Murders' Series 1 and 2, TV Review
2021-10-22(Fri): Finding Linux Processor Temperatures
2021-10-20(Wed): Editor Quotes
2021-10-16(Sat): 'Werewolves Within' - Movie Review
2021-10-15(Fri): 'Friends' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-10-14(Thu): 'His Dark Materials' - Season 2 TV Review
2021-10-10(Sun): 'Luca' - Movie Review
2021-10-08(Fri): 'Battle of the Damned' - Movie Review
2021-10-05(Tue): 'A Cat in Paris' - Movie Review
2021-10-03(Sun): 'Nobody' - Movie Review
2021-10-02(Sat): 'Free Guy' - Movie Review
2021-10-02(Sat): 'As You Like It' - Royal Shakespeare Company 2019 - Review
2021-10-01(Fri): 'Gad Gone Wild' - Movie Review
2021-09-27(Mon): 'The Spy Next Door' - Movie Review
2021-09-25(Sat): 'The Tin Star' - Movie Review
2021-09-22(Wed): 'Nightbooks' - Movie Review
2021-09-19(Sun): 'Love Among the Ruins' - Movie Review
2021-09-17(Fri): 'Sherlock Holmes and the Great Escape' - Movie Review
2021-09-15(Wed): 'Code 8' - Movie Rewiew
2021-09-12(Sun): 'All Creatures Great and Small,' 2020 Series 1 - TV Review
2021-09-12(Sun): 'Fate: The Winx Saga' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-09-10(Fri): 'The Man in the Hat' - Movie Review
2021-09-10(Fri): Review: Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells
2021-09-07(Tue): 'Shadow and Bone' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-09-05(Sun): 'The Phantom Tollbooth' - Book Review
2021-09-04(Sat): 'Monsoon' (2019) - Movie Review
2021-09-04(Sat): 'Shadow in the Cloud' - Movie Review
2021-08-31(Tue): 'The Suicide Squad' - Movie Review
2021-08-31(Tue): 'The Accidental Buddhist' - Book Review
2021-08-29(Sun): Archwiki is Awesome
2021-08-25(Wed): 'The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf' - Movie Review
2021-08-23(Mon): Flowers Along the Humber River
2021-08-15(Sun): 'The Last Mercenary' - Movie Review
2021-08-14(Sat): 'I Lost My Body' - Movie Review
2021-08-14(Sat): 'How I Became a Superhero' - Movie Review
2021-08-14(Sat): Buddhism and Christianity
2021-08-13(Fri): 'The Paper Tigers' - Movie Review
2021-08-11(Wed): 'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-08-09(Mon): My Story of the Olympics
2021-08-08(Sun): 'The Library at Mount Char' - Book Review
2021-07-24(Sat): 'Black Widow' - Movie Review
2021-07-24(Sat): 'The Prey of Gods' - Book Review
2021-07-23(Fri): Show All Versions of a Git File
2021-07-21(Wed): 'Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans' - Movie Review
2021-07-20(Tue): 'Gunpowder Milkshake' - Movie Review
2021-07-18(Sun): 'An Inspector Calls' - Movie Review
2021-07-17(Sat): 'Mystery Road' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-07-15(Thu): "The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments" - TV Review
2021-07-11(Sun): "The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War" - TV Review
2021-07-11(Sun): "The Seven Deadly Sins: The Seven Deadly Sins" - TV Review
2021-07-11(Sun): 'Freaky' - Movie Review
2021-07-04(Sun): 'Iron Mask' - Movie Review
2021-07-03(Sat): 'The Voices' - Movie Review
2021-07-03(Sat): 'Archenemy' - Movie Review
2021-06-30(Wed): 'Cowboy Bebop: The Movie' - Movie Review
2021-06-30(Wed): 'Raya and the Last Dragon' - Movie Review
2021-06-26(Sat): 'Sword of the Stranger' - Movie Review
2021-06-26(Sat): 'Bacurau' - Movie Review
2021-06-25(Fri): 'From Stress to Happiness' - Movie Review
2021-06-25(Fri): Learning Sed
2021-06-20(Sun): 'Monster Hunter' - Movie Review
2021-06-20(Sun): 'Dorohedoro' Season 1 - Review
2021-06-20(Sun): 'Redline' - Movie Review
2021-06-18(Fri): 'Mon Chien Stupide' / 'My Dog Stupid' - Movie Review
2021-06-18(Fri): 'Cryptonomicon' - Book Review
2021-06-16(Wed): 'Eureka' Season 2 - TV Review
2021-06-15(Tue): 'Piranesi' - Book Review
2021-06-14(Mon): 'Eureka' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-06-13(Sun): Bash Completion Part 2 - Word Lists and Completing from a Specific Directory
2021-06-11(Fri): 'New Gods: Nezha Reborn' - Movie Review
2021-06-09(Wed): Disambiguating Ambiguous Unix Links
2021-06-05(Sat): 'Weird Science' - Movie Review
2021-05-30(Sun): 'The Legend of Korra' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-05-30(Sun): "Jupiter's Legacy" Season 1 - TV Review
2021-05-27(Thu): 'Trail of Lightning' - Book Review
2021-05-24(Mon): 'Mulan' (2020) - Movie Review
2021-05-23(Sun): 'The Croods: A New Age' - Movie Review
2021-05-23(Sun): 'The Disappearing Spoon' - Book Review
2021-05-22(Sat): 'Love, Death & Robots' Season 2 - Review
2021-05-22(Sat): Bash Prompt #7: Use the Space in Front of the Prompt
2021-05-22(Sat): Bash Prompt #6: Return Value in the Prompt
2021-05-21(Fri): 'Strange the Dreamer' - Book Review
2021-05-15(Sat): 'Paladin of Souls' - Book Review
2021-05-14(Fri): 'The Mitchells vs. the Machines' - Movie Review
2021-05-12(Wed): 'The Hallowed Hunt' - Book Review
2021-05-09(Sun): 'The Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting' - Movie Review
2021-05-08(Sat): 'Penric's Mission' - Book Review
2021-05-08(Sat): 'Penric and the Shaman' - Book Review
2021-05-07(Fri): 'Penric's Demon' - Book Review
2021-04-30(Fri): 'Jiu Jitsu' - Movie Review
2021-04-24(Sat): 'The New Mutants' - Movie Review
2021-04-21(Wed): Bash Prompt #5: Singletons Prompt
2021-04-21(Wed): A Walk in the Snow (with a Camera)
2021-04-18(Sun): The CineFix Movie Lists on YouTube
2021-04-18(Sun): 'April and the Extraordinary World' - Movie Review
2021-04-17(Sat): 'Heroes Wanted' - Movie Review
2021-04-17(Sat): 'Unknown Origins'- Movie Review
2021-04-16(Fri): 'Thunder Force' - Movie Review
2021-04-14(Wed): 'Tower' - Movie Review
2021-04-05(Mon): 'Alice in Borderland,' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-04-04(Sun): Bash Prompt #4: Disk Free Widget, Take 2
2021-04-02(Fri): Bash Prompt #3: Disk Free Widget
2021-04-02(Fri): How to Get an Unconfigured Bash Shell
2021-04-02(Fri): Bash Prompt #1: Colours
2021-04-02(Fri): Bash Prompts and the "Bash Prompt HOWTO"
2021-03-30(Tue): Short Bash script to show Bar Graphs of Disk Usage
2021-03-29(Mon): 'Denise Ho: Becoming the Song' - Movie Review
2021-03-29(Mon): 'The Wonderland' - Movie Review
2021-03-27(Sat): 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' - Movie Review
2021-03-26(Fri): 'Vampires vs. The Bronx' - Movie Review
2021-03-20(Sat): 'Ride Your Wave' - Movie Review
2021-03-20(Sat): 'Lupin the IIIrd: Goemon's Blood Spray' - Movie Review
2021-03-18(Thu): 'Shetland' Season 2 - TV Review
2021-03-15(Mon): 'The Woman Who Loves Giraffes' - Movie Review
2021-03-14(Sun): 'Hinterland' Season 2 - TV Review
2021-03-14(Sun): Detective Stories in TV and Movies
2021-03-12(Fri): 'Hinterland' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-03-09(Tue): 'Soul' - Movie Review
2021-03-06(Sat): 'Nobody's Watching' - TV Review
2021-03-02(Tue): 'Becky' - Movie Review
2021-02-28(Sun): 'Shetland' - Season 1
2021-02-22(Mon): What do people see in Coins and Banknotes? (aka "Numismatics")
2021-02-21(Sun): 'Blown Away' Season 2 - TV Review
2021-02-20(Sat): 'Blown Away' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-02-14(Sun): 'Monster Run' - Movie Review
2021-02-13(Sat): 'WKRP in Cincinnati' Season 2 - TV Review
2021-02-10(Wed): 'Palm Springs' - Movie Review
2021-02-08(Mon): Raspberry Pi OS Added a Microsoft Repository ... and why it's Not a problem
2021-02-04(Thu): 'WKRP in Cincinnati' Season 1 - TV Review
2021-01-28(Thu): 'Van Life' - TV Review
2021-01-26(Tue): 'Braven' - Movie Review
2021-01-26(Tue): Bash Completion (Part 1?) and Internet Radio
2021-01-25(Mon): 'Jay Myself' - Movie Review
2021-01-24(Sun): 'We Can Be Heroes' - Movie Review
2021-01-24(Sun): 'Outside the Wire' - Movie Review
2021-01-18(Mon): 'Slay the Dragon' - Movie Review
2021-01-17(Sun): 'Tenet' - Movie Review
2021-01-16(Sat): USB-booting Your Raspberry Pi
2021-01-13(Wed): 'Bill and Ted Face the Music' - Movie Review
2021-01-12(Tue): 'Wonder Woman 1984' - Movie Review
2021-01-11(Mon): 'The Gunfighter' - Movie Review
2021-01-10(Sun): 'Aniara' - Movie Review
2021-01-08(Fri): 'Straight Up' - Movie Review
2021-01-06(Wed): 'Tasteless' - TV Review
2021-01-06(Wed): Dissection of a Joke
2021-01-04(Mon): 'Spaceship Earth' - Movie Review
2021-01-03(Sun): 'Local Hero' - Movie Review
2021-01-02(Sat): 'The Lost City of Z' - Movie Review
2021-01-02(Sat): 'Black Butler' - Movie Review
2021-01-01(Fri): 'Diamantino' - Movie Review
2020-12-30(Wed): 'Cum On Feel the Noize' - Movie Review
2020-12-29(Tue): Changing the Colour of 'ls' with dircolors and Environment Variables (Linux and Mac)
2020-12-27(Sun): 'Promare' - Movie Review
2020-12-26(Sat): 'The Cold Blue' - Movie Review
2020-12-26(Sat): 'The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress' - Movie Review
2020-12-24(Thu): 'The Witch: Subversion' - Movie Review
2020-12-24(Thu): 'Semi-Tough' - Movie Review
2020-12-20(Sun): 'Make America Laugh Again' - Movie Review
2020-12-20(Sun): 'Modest Heroes' - Movie Review
2020-12-18(Fri): 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' (2019) - TV Review
2020-12-18(Fri): 'Romantic Comedy' - Movie Review
2020-12-13(Sun): 'Speechless' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-12-09(Wed): 'James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction' - TV Review
2020-12-06(Sun): 'The Orville' - Season 2 TV Review
2020-12-04(Fri): 'The Orville' - Season 1 TV Review
2020-12-03(Thu): 'The Knife of Never Letting Go' - Book Review
2020-11-29(Sun): 'Find Me Guilty' - Movie Review
2020-11-29(Sun): 'Dead Still' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-11-26(Thu): Rsyslog: Testing replace() and re_extract()
2020-11-26(Thu): Rsyslog: Rainerscript vs. Old-Style/Legacy Configuration
2020-11-22(Sun): 'Sabriel' - Book Review
2020-11-20(Fri): 'The Last Action Hero'- Movie Review
2020-11-20(Fri): 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' - Book Review
2020-11-15(Sun): 'Middlegame' - Book Review
2020-11-15(Sun): 'Ford v Ferrari' - Movie Review
2020-11-14(Sat): 'James vs. His Future Self' - Movie Review
2020-11-12(Thu): Rsyslog: Choosing Your "Facility" and "Severity"
2020-11-10(Tue): 'Bell, Book and Candle' - Movie Review
2020-11-08(Sun): 'The Canterville Ghost' (1944) - Movie Review
2020-11-07(Sat): 'The Queen at War' - TV Review
2020-11-06(Fri): 'The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot' - Movie Review
2020-11-06(Fri): 'The Windermere Children' - Movie Review
2020-11-04(Wed): 'The High Note' - Movie Review
2020-10-30(Fri): Rsyslog: Choosing Your Remote Protocol
2020-10-29(Thu): 'The Last Full Measure' - Movie Review
2020-10-29(Thu): Rsyslog: Testing Your TLS-Encrypted Server
2020-10-28(Wed): Rsyslog: Encrypted Remote Logging with an Official Certificate
2020-10-24(Sat): 'Hobbs & Shaw' - Movie Review
2020-10-24(Sat): Rsyslog: Basic Remote Logging
2020-10-24(Sat): Rsyslog: Intermediate Local Logging
2020-10-24(Sat): Rsyslog: Filtering, Facilities, Priorities
2020-10-24(Sat): Rsyslog: A New Log, and Tools
2020-10-24(Sat): Learning Rsyslog
2020-10-22(Thu): Apply 'pygmentize' to 'less' to Make it Pretty
2020-10-20(Tue): The Mutation of Language
2020-10-19(Mon): 'Waking Gods' - Book Review
2020-10-17(Sat): 'The Lavender Hill Mob' - Movie Review
2020-10-13(Tue): 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' - Movie Review
2020-10-06(Tue): 'Love Death + Robots' - TV Review
2020-10-04(Sun): 'Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story' - Movie Review
2020-10-04(Sun): VirtualBox Command Line Basics
2020-10-01(Thu): Vim Tip #33: Vim :compiler and :make
2020-09-27(Sun): 'The Good Place' Season 4 - TV Review
2020-09-25(Fri): 'Close' - Movie Review
2020-09-24(Thu): 'Enola Holmes' - Movie Review
2020-09-23(Wed): 'Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks' - Movie Review
2020-09-16(Wed): 'Elementary' Season 5 - TV Review
2020-09-13(Sun): 'Jumanji: The Next Level' - Movie Review
2020-09-12(Sat): 'Elementary' Season 4 - TV Review
2020-09-09(Wed): 'Elementary,' Season 3 - TV Review
2020-09-09(Wed): 'Spinning Silver' - Book Review
2020-09-06(Sun): 'Beyond Skyline' - Movie Review
2020-09-06(Sun): 'Freaks' - Movie Review
2020-09-05(Sat): 'The Russian Five' - Movie Review
2020-09-05(Sat): 'Birds of Prey' - Movie Review
2020-09-01(Tue): 'Paradise Hills' - Movie Review
2020-08-29(Sat): 'Pixels' - Movie Review
2020-08-29(Sat): 'Kickboxer: Retaliation' - Movie Review
2020-08-28(Fri): 'Castlevania' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-08-28(Fri): 'Project Power' - Movie Review
2020-08-25(Tue): 'Parasite' - Movie Review
2020-08-25(Tue): Comment Your Code
2020-08-22(Sat): 'A Matter of Life and Death' - Movie Review
2020-08-22(Sat): 'Bloodshot' - Movie Review
2020-08-21(Fri): 'Spies in Disguise' - Movie Review
2020-08-17(Mon): 'Onward' - Movie Review
2020-08-17(Mon): Praise for "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp"
2020-08-15(Sat): 'Crazyhead' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-08-14(Fri): 'Kickboxer: Vengeance' - Movie Review
2020-08-13(Thu): 'Practical Vim' - Book Review
2020-08-11(Tue): Vim Tip #32: Vim Settings
2020-08-10(Mon): 'Wizards: Tales of Arcadia' - TV Review
2020-08-07(Fri): 'Ne Zha' - Movie Review
2020-08-06(Thu): 'Emma.' (2020) - Movie Review
2020-08-05(Wed): Vim Tip #31: Completion - Much More Than Ctrl-P
2020-08-04(Tue): 'Cloud Atlas' - Movie Review
2020-08-04(Tue): YAD, or 'Yet Another Dialog' for GUI Dialogues from Shell Scripts
2020-08-02(Sun): Starship: A Cross-Shell Prompt
2020-07-31(Fri): 'Double World' - Movie Review
2020-07-27(Mon): 'Knives Out' - Movie Review
2020-07-24(Fri): Analysing Contributions to Your Git Repository
2020-07-21(Tue): 'Warrior Nun' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-07-15(Wed): 'The Old Guard' - Movie Review
2020-07-12(Sun): 'On Your Wedding Day' - Movie Review
2020-07-11(Sat): 'Counterpart' Season 2 - TV Review
2020-07-11(Sat): 'Patrick Melrose' - TV Review
2020-07-02(Thu): 'Gridlocked' - Movie Review
2020-06-28(Sun): 'Happy!' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-06-27(Sat): 'Bleeding Steel' - Movie Review
2020-06-25(Thu): Colourize SVN Logs (or any Text File)
2020-06-25(Thu): Apply 'pygmentize' to 'less' to Make it Pretty
2020-06-23(Tue): Toronto Public Library's 'Curbside Pickup'
2020-06-22(Mon): 'Toy Story 4' - Moview Review
2020-06-22(Mon): 'I Know Where I'm Going!' - Movie Review
2020-06-21(Sun): 'The Touch' - Movie Review
2020-06-18(Thu): 'Bushwick' - Movie Review
2020-06-17(Wed): 'Polar' - Movie Review
2020-06-16(Tue): Vim Tip #30: Numbering Your Tabs
2020-06-14(Sun): 'A Silent Voice' - Movie Review
2020-06-14(Sun): Vim Tip #30: Numbering Your Tabs
2020-06-13(Sat): 'Lethal Weapon' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-06-13(Sat): Vim Tip #29: Working with Syntax Selection Strings
2020-06-10(Wed): Vim Tip #28: Toggle Line Numbers on and off
2020-06-10(Wed): Vim Tip #27: Repetition on a Range
2020-06-09(Tue): Vim Tip #26: Command Line (ex Mode) History
2020-06-09(Tue): Vim Tip #25: Paste and Correct Indentation
2020-06-07(Sun): 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood' Part 5 - Review
2020-06-07(Sun): 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood' Part 4 - Review
2020-06-06(Sat): 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood' Part 3 - Review
2020-06-05(Fri): 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood' Part 2 - Review
2020-06-03(Wed): 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood' Part 1 - Review
2020-05-31(Sun): Reading Neal Stephenson
2020-05-30(Sat): 'Barely Lethal' - Movie Review
2020-05-30(Sat): 'Black Site Delta' - Movie Review
2020-05-29(Fri): 'Flavors of Youth' - Movie Review
2020-05-29(Fri): 'Always Be My Maybe' - Movie Review
2020-05-28(Thu): Reconsidering 'Fullmetal Alchemist'
2020-05-22(Fri): 'Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045,' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-05-22(Fri): Shared 'pass' Passwordstore
2020-05-20(Wed): 'The Debt Collector' - Movie Review
2020-05-19(Tue): 'Dolemite Is My Name' - Movie Review
2020-05-18(Mon): 'Beastars' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-05-16(Sat): 'Shadow' (2018) - Movie Review
2020-05-15(Fri): 'Avengement' - Movie Review
2020-05-15(Fri): 'Triple Threat' - Movie Review
2020-05-12(Tue): 'In This Corner of the World' - Movie Review
2020-05-10(Sun): 'Psychokinesis' - Movie Review
2020-05-09(Sat): 'The Last Witch Hunter' - Movie Review
2020-05-09(Sat): 'Altered Carbon: Resleeved' - Movie Review
2020-05-08(Fri): 'Cemetery of Splendour' - Movie Review
2020-05-04(Mon): 'Lucifer' Season 3 - TV Review
2020-04-30(Thu): "Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia" Season 3 - TV Review
2020-04-28(Tue): "Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia" Season 2 - TV Review
2020-04-28(Tue): DNS over HTTPS
2020-04-27(Mon): Support Your Local Businesses During COVID-19
2020-04-25(Sat): "Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia" Season 1 - TV Review
2020-04-24(Fri): "3Below: Tales of Arcadia" - TV Review
2020-04-18(Sat): 'Henry V' (The Hollow Crown) - TV Movie Review
2020-04-14(Tue): 'The Letter for the King' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-04-12(Sun): 'Lucifer' Season 2 - TV Review
2020-04-10(Fri): Running Zoom in a Debian Virtual Machine
2020-04-06(Mon): 'Little Monsters' - Movie Review
2020-04-05(Sun): 'Missing Link' - Movie Review
2020-04-02(Thu): Xdmx
2020-04-01(Wed): 'Three Men on the Bummel' - Book Review
2020-03-31(Tue): 'The Expanse' Season 4 - TV Review
2020-03-30(Mon): 'Catch 22' - TV Review
2020-03-29(Sun): 'The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part' - Movie Review
2020-03-28(Sat): 'Memory: The Origins of Alien' - Movie Review
2020-03-22(Sun): 'A Bug's Life' - Movie Review
2020-03-22(Sun): 'Alphaville' - Movie Review
2020-03-20(Fri): 'Doom Patrol' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-03-14(Sat): 'October Faction' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-03-14(Sat): 'Time Trap' - Movie Review
2020-03-14(Sat): 'Altered Carbon' Season 2 - TV Review
2020-03-07(Sat): 'A Discovery of Witches,' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-02-28(Fri): 'Ragnarok' Season 1 - TV Series
2020-02-25(Tue): 'His Dark Materials' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-02-23(Sun): 'The Place Promised in Our Early Days' - Movie Review
2020-02-17(Mon): Juicing
2020-02-17(Mon): "Linux Essentials" eLearning Course
2020-02-16(Sun): 'The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches' - Book Review
2020-02-11(Tue): 'Mira's Last Dance' - Book Review
2020-02-08(Sat): 'Dead Man' - Movie Review
2020-02-08(Sat): 'Counterpart' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-02-07(Fri): 'Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language' - Book Review
2020-02-05(Wed): 'The Peanut Butter Falcon' - Movie Review
2020-02-02(Sun): The Wonder and Frustration of 'xdg-open'
2020-02-02(Sun): 'The Mandalorian,' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-01-30(Thu): 'Family Plot' - Movie Review
2020-01-26(Sun): 'Sense and Sensibility' - Book Review
2020-01-22(Wed): Vim Tip #24: Vim 'path' and 'find'
2020-01-20(Mon): 'Shazam!' - Movie Review
2020-01-19(Sun): 'Weathering With You' - Movie Review
2020-01-18(Sat): 'Ripper Street,' Season 1 - TV Review
2020-01-16(Thu): The Density of Materials
2020-01-16(Thu): 'Sleeping Giants' - Book Review
2020-01-14(Tue): 'Spellbound' (1945) - Movie Review
2020-01-11(Sat): 'Stuber' - Movie Review
2020-01-10(Fri): 'Late Night' - Movie Review
2020-01-04(Sat): 'The 9th Precinct' - Movie Review
2019-12-30(Mon): 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' - Movie Review
2019-12-29(Sun): 'The Grizzlies' - Movie Review
2019-12-28(Sat): 'Children of Dune' - TV Review
2019-12-23(Mon): My List of the Best TV Series
2019-12-22(Sun): 'The Witcher' Season 1 - TV Review
2019-12-19(Thu): Gitea, a First Look
2019-12-18(Wed): 'The Wedding Guest' - Movie Review
2019-12-17(Tue): 'The Man Who Was Thursday' - Book Review
2019-12-15(Sun): 'Da Vinci's Inquest' Season 6 - TV Review
2019-12-13(Fri): 'Fast Color' - Movie Review
2019-12-07(Sat): 'Blinded by the Light' - Movie Review
2019-12-06(Fri): 'Mortal Engines' - Movie Review
2019-12-05(Thu): VirtualBox's Host-only Network
2019-12-01(Sun): 'Da Vinci's Inquest' Season 5 - TV Review
2019-11-26(Tue): Aged Eggnog - Recipe
2019-11-24(Sun): 'Mirai' - Movie Review
2019-11-24(Sun): 'Da Vinci's Inquest' Season 4 - TV Review
2019-11-24(Sun): 'The Emperor's Blades' - Book Review
2019-11-21(Thu): Fun with Movie Statistics
2019-11-18(Mon): 'Rubber' - Movie Review
2019-11-17(Sun): 'John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum' - Movie Review
2019-11-14(Thu): 'Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind' - Movie Review
2019-11-13(Wed): 'Da Vinci's Inquest,' Season 3 - TV Review
2019-11-13(Wed): 'I, Robot' - Book Review
2019-11-10(Sun): 'Hellboy' (2019) - Movie Review
2019-11-09(Sat): 'The Red Turtle' - Movie Review
2019-11-09(Sat): 'Da Vinci's Inquest,' Season 2 - TV Review
2019-11-08(Fri): 'The Magicians' Season 1 - TV Review
2019-11-03(Sun): 'Da Vinci's Inquest,' Season 1 - TV Review
2019-11-03(Sun): 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' - Movie Review
2019-11-02(Sat): 'The Kid Who Would Be King' - Movie Review
2019-10-31(Thu): 'Goldstone' - Movie Review
2019-10-29(Tue): 'Central Intelligence' - Movie Review
2019-10-26(Sat): 'Good Omens' - TV Review
2019-10-20(Sun): 'The Good Place' Season 3 - TV Review
2019-10-17(Thu): 'Empress of Forever' - Book Review
2019-10-15(Tue): 'The Happy Traveler' - Book Review
2019-10-14(Mon): 'A Monster Calls' - Movie Review
2019-10-13(Sun): 'Person of Interest,' Season 3 - TV Review
2019-10-08(Tue): 'Person of Interest,' Season 2 - TV Review
2019-10-07(Mon): 'Lexx' Season 1 - TV Review
2019-10-04(Fri): Photos
2019-10-04(Fri): Flowerpot Island
2019-10-02(Wed): Dealing With an Encrypted LVM on an Old Hard Drive
2019-10-01(Tue): 'The Chronicles of Amber' (Books 1-5) - Book Review (Again)
2019-09-30(Mon): 'Person of Interest,' Season 1 - TV Review
2019-09-30(Mon): Recovering a Sticky (and Expensive) Keyboard
2019-09-26(Thu): 'Apollo 11' - Movie Review
2019-09-22(Sun): 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - Movie Review
2019-09-21(Sat): 'Rocketman' - Movie Review
2019-09-20(Fri): 'My Dinner With Hervé' - Movie Review
2019-09-19(Thu): 'Love's Labour's Lost' (2010) - Movie Review
2019-09-19(Thu): 'Men In Black: International' - Movie Review
2019-09-12(Thu): Script to show TLS and HTTP(S) details (Take 2)
2019-09-10(Tue): 'The Little World of Don Camillo' - Book Review
2019-09-08(Sun): 'The Endless' - Movies Review
2019-09-08(Sun): 'The Silence of the Lambs' - Movie Review
2019-09-08(Sun): 'Big Brother' - Movie Review
2019-09-08(Sun): 'Foyle's War Revisited' - TV Review
2019-09-05(Thu): 'Plus One' - Movie Review
2019-09-02(Mon): 'Widows' - Movie Review
2019-09-02(Mon): 'Tale of Tales' - Movie Review
2019-08-29(Thu): 'An Insider's Guide to Canada's Capital' - Book Review
2019-08-25(Sun): 'Dark Star' - Movie Review
2019-08-25(Sun): 'The Last Battle' - Book Review
2019-08-24(Sat): 'Ramen Teh' - Movie Review
2019-08-23(Fri): 'The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow' - Movie Review
2019-08-23(Fri): 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu' - Movie Review
2019-08-23(Fri): Vim Tip #23: The Scratch Buffer
2019-08-21(Wed): 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane' - Book Review
2019-08-19(Mon): 'Miss Hokusai' - Movie Review
2019-08-11(Sun): 'The Guilty' - Movie Review
2019-08-10(Sat): Script to show TLS and HTTP(S) details
2019-08-07(Wed): 'The Only Harmless Great Thing' - Book Review
2019-08-04(Sun): 'Little Fuzzy' - Book Review
2019-08-02(Fri): 'Aloys' - Movie Review
2019-08-01(Thu): 'The Silver Chair' - Book Review
2019-07-28(Sun): 'Merantau' - Movie Review
2019-07-27(Sat): 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' - Book Review
2019-07-24(Wed): 'The Horse and His Boy' - Book Review
2019-07-23(Tue): 'The Foreigner' - Movie Review
2019-07-23(Tue): 'Alita: Battle Angel' - Movie Review
2019-07-23(Tue): 'Prince Caspian' - Book Review
2019-07-21(Sun): 'Phenom' - Movie Review
2019-07-20(Sat): 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' - Book Review
2019-07-16(Tue): 'City of Violence' - Movie Review
2019-07-16(Tue): 'The Magician's Nephew' - Book Review
2019-07-15(Mon): 'Uprooted' - Book Review
2019-07-13(Sat): 'Bad Times at the El Royale' - Movie Review
2019-07-12(Fri): 'A Simple Favor' - Movie Review
2019-07-11(Thu): SSI Variables Available in Nginx and Apache
2019-07-07(Sun): 'How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World' - Movie Review
2019-07-06(Sat): 'How to Talk to Girls at Parties' - Movie Review
2019-06-30(Sun): 'The Benefits of Cheese as a Travel Companion'
2019-06-29(Sat): 'Fabricated City' - Movie Review
2019-06-25(Tue): 'Police Story 2' - Movie Review
2019-06-25(Tue): 'The Fifth Season' - Book Review
2019-06-23(Sun): 'Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds' - Movie Review
2019-06-22(Sat): 'Happy Death Day 2U' - Movie Review
2019-06-22(Sat): 'Smallfoot' - Movie Review
2019-06-16(Sun): 'Pick of the Litter' - Movie Review
2019-06-14(Fri): 'Puzzle' - Movie Review
2019-06-14(Fri): 'Sorry to Bother You' - Movie Review
2019-06-11(Tue): 'Lud-in-the-Mist' - Book Review
2019-06-09(Sun): 'Blame!' - Movie Review
2019-06-09(Sun): 'Children of Time' - Book Review
2019-06-08(Sat): 'Bluebeard' - Movie Review
2019-06-06(Thu): The Horrors of Ansible Complex Variables: User Dictionaries With a Group List Added
2019-06-06(Thu): The Horrors of Ansible Complex Variables: Dictionaries According to Giles
2019-06-04(Tue): The Horrors of Ansible Complex Variables: Dictionaries According to Ansible
2019-06-04(Tue): The Horrors of Ansible Complex Variables: Lists
2019-06-04(Tue): The Horrors of Ansible Complex Variables
2019-06-03(Mon): 'Gantz: O' - Movie Review
2019-06-01(Sat): 'Kusama: Infinity' - Movie Review
2019-06-01(Sat): Command Line Processing for awk Shebang Scripts
2019-05-30(Thu): A Poor Man's Random Password Generator
2019-05-29(Wed): Backing Up and Migrating an SVN Repository
2019-05-26(Sun): Doors Open Toronto, 2019
2019-05-26(Sun): 'Andre the Giant: Life and Legend' - Book Review
2019-05-24(Fri): 'Stronger' - Movie Review
2019-05-19(Sun): 'Star Trek: Voyager' - TV Review
2019-05-18(Sat): 'Welcome to Marwen' - Movie Review
2019-05-18(Sat): 'Marwencol' - Movie Review
2019-05-12(Sun): 'War for the Oaks' - Book Review
2019-05-10(Fri): 'Border' ('Gräns') - Movie Review
2019-05-09(Thu): 'Columbus' - Movie Review
2019-05-08(Wed): Vim Tip #22: Vim Modelines
2019-05-07(Tue): 'Avengers: Endgame' - Movie Review
2019-04-30(Tue): 'Captain Marvel' - Movie Review
2019-04-29(Mon): Rome: Pictures Posted
2019-04-27(Sat): 'Throne of Jade' - Book Review
2019-04-21(Sun): 'Killjoys,' Season 1 - TV Review
2019-04-20(Sat): 'The Country Girl' - Movie Review
2019-04-14(Sun): 'Memories of the Sword' - Movie Review
2019-04-12(Fri): Rome: Goodbye to the Churches, Goodbye to the City
2019-04-11(Thu): Rome: More churches and old Roman statuary
2019-04-10(Wed): Rome: Modern art, and, well, more modern art
2019-04-09(Tue): Rome: Libraries, and the Palazzo del Quirinale
2019-04-08(Mon): Rome: Churches, and a circumnavigation of Vatican City
2019-04-07(Sun): Rome: More Palazzos and art, and a whole heap of bones
2019-04-06(Sat): Rome: Galleria Colonna and the Domus Aurea (and food, always)
2019-04-05(Fri): Rome: Already classic, yet still shocking
2019-04-04(Thu): Rome: St. Peter's and the Berninis
2019-04-03(Wed): Rome: An old (old!) library and the Vatican Museums
2019-04-02(Tue): Rome: More churches, tromp l'oeil, and pizza
2019-04-01(Mon): Rome: Tromp l'oeil and Beer Distillates
2019-03-31(Sun): Rome, Arrival
2019-03-31(Sun): 'Temeraire' - Book Review
2019-03-27(Wed): Departure for Rome imminent
2019-03-24(Sun): 'Aquaman' - Movie Review
2019-03-23(Sat): 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' - Movie Review
2019-03-22(Fri): 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' - Movie Review
2019-03-20(Wed): Firefox and TLS Security
2019-03-17(Sun): 'Hotel Artemis' - Movie Review
2019-03-16(Sat): Soup is Beautiful, OR, How to Scrape the LCBO Website
2019-03-15(Fri): 'The Sisters Brothers' - Movie Review
2019-03-13(Wed): Examining Vim Start-up
2019-03-12(Tue): 'Venom' - Movie Review
2019-03-11(Mon): 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 1 - TV Review
2019-03-09(Sat): 3 Microbreweries: Black Lab, Muddy York, Lot 30
2019-03-08(Fri): 'You Were Never Really Here' - Movie Review
2019-03-03(Sun): 'The Hate U Give' - Movie Review
2019-03-03(Sun): 'This Beautiful Fantastic' - Movie Review
2019-03-02(Sat): 'Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking' - Movie Review
2019-03-01(Fri): 'Dealt' - Movie Review
2019-02-27(Wed): 'Shaft' (2000) - Movie Review
2019-02-27(Wed): Checking Your TLS Certificate Revocation Status
2019-02-26(Tue): 'Shaft' (1971) - Movie Review
2019-02-25(Mon): 'Arrival' - Movie Review
2019-02-24(Sun): 'Blade Runner 2049' - Movie Review
2019-02-24(Sun): The Difference of Time
2019-02-23(Sat): 'The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet' - Book Review
2019-02-16(Sat): Bellwoods Brewery on Hafis - Brew Pub Review
2019-02-15(Fri): 'The Third Murder' - Movie Review
2019-02-11(Mon): GNU Screen RC File
2019-02-10(Sun): 'My Life as a Zucchini' - Movie Review
2019-02-10(Sun): 'Mr. Right' (2015) - Movie Review
2019-02-08(Fri): 'Sorcerer to the Crown' - Book Review
2019-02-06(Wed): 'Juliet, Naked' - Movie Review
2019-02-05(Tue): When Duck Typing Bites You on the Ass
2019-02-02(Sat): 'Russian Doll' - TV Review
2019-02-02(Sat): 'Crazy Rich Asians' - Movie Review
2019-02-02(Sat): 'Preacher' Season 3 - TV review
2019-01-28(Mon): 'Lucifer' Season 1 - TV Review
2019-01-27(Sun): 'Revenger' - Movie Review
2019-01-26(Sat): 'Finding Your Feet' - Movie Review
2019-01-26(Sat): 'Dracula has Risen from the Grave' - Movie Review
2019-01-26(Sat): Batch
2019-01-22(Tue): 'The House With a Clock in its Walls' - Movie Review
2019-01-22(Tue): 'The Fortunate Fall' - Book Review
2019-01-19(Sat): 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' - Movie Review
2019-01-17(Thu): 'The Aviary' - Brew Pub Review
2019-01-13(Sun): 'Love, Simon' - Movie Review
2019-01-11(Fri): 'Three Identical Strangers' - Movie Review
2019-01-11(Fri): 'Cold Comfort Farm' - Movie Review
2018-12-31(Mon): 'The Lost City of Z' - Book Review
2018-12-30(Sun): Vim Tips #20: Indentation and White Space
2018-12-29(Sat): GNU 'screen' backtick commands
2018-12-29(Sat): GNU 'screen' Status Line(s)
2018-12-29(Sat): GNU Screen, Part 2
2018-12-29(Sat): GNU Screen Basics
2018-12-27(Thu): 'Casshern' - Movie Review
2018-12-26(Wed): 'Before We Vanish' - Movie Review
2018-12-26(Wed): 'The Beguiled' - Movie Review
2018-12-25(Tue): 'The Big Country' - Movie Review
2018-12-24(Mon): 'Game Night' - Movie Review
2018-12-23(Sun): 'Coherence' - Movie Review
2018-12-23(Sun): 'The Brand New Testament' - Movie Review
2018-12-22(Sat): 'Bullitt' - Movie Review
2018-12-22(Sat): 'The Meg' - Movie Review
2018-12-19(Wed): 'Bumblebee' - Movie Review
2018-12-13(Thu): 'Last Flag Flying' - Movie Review
2018-12-13(Thu): 'The Last Lecture' - Book Review
2018-12-10(Mon): Book Recommendation Engines are HARD
2018-12-06(Thu): Vim Tip #19: gitgutter and Friends
2018-12-04(Tue): Vim Tip #18: Basic Functions
2018-12-03(Mon): 'Dear Committee Members' - Book Review
2018-12-03(Mon): Vim Tips #17: Flying Vim Airline
2018-12-02(Sun): Physical Media or Netflix?
2018-12-01(Sat): Vim Tip #16: A Terminal Inside (Neo)Vim
2018-11-28(Wed): 'How We Got to Now' - Book Review
2018-11-28(Wed): 'The 6th Day' - Movie Review
2018-11-27(Tue): 'The Railway Children' (2016) - Movie Review
2018-11-27(Tue): Vim Tip #15: Remote Editing Files via SCP
2018-11-25(Sun): Vim Tip #14: Undo, Redo, and Repeat
2018-11-25(Sun): 'Ready Player One' - Movie Review
2018-11-24(Sat): 'Mary and the Witch's Flower' - Movie Review
2018-11-24(Sat): 'Your Name' - Movie Review
2018-11-22(Thu): Vim Tip #13: Movement for Programmers
2018-11-22(Thu): Vim Tip #12: Search and Replace
2018-11-19(Mon): Vim Tip #11: Spelling
2018-11-19(Mon): Vim Tip #10: Working With ex Scripts
2018-11-19(Mon): 'The Incredibles 2' - Movie Review
2018-11-18(Sun): Vim Tip #9: More Basic Movement
2018-11-18(Sun): Vim Tip #8: Command History
2018-11-17(Sat): Vim Tip #7: Vifm
2018-11-17(Sat): Vim Tip #6: Map Leader and Normal mode mappings
2018-11-16(Fri): 'Deadpool 2' - Movie Review
2018-11-15(Thu): Vim Tip #5: Ex Mode
2018-11-15(Thu): Vim Tip #4: Basic yank, delete, paste, and move
2018-11-14(Wed): Vim Tip #3: THE FIRST TIP / START HERE
2018-11-13(Tue): Vim Tip #2: Tab Completion
2018-11-12(Mon): 'Ocean's 8' - Movie review
2018-11-12(Mon): Vim Tip #1: Basic Tabs
2018-11-12(Mon): Vim Tips
2018-11-10(Sat): 'Bones' Season 1 - TV Review
2018-11-04(Sun): 'Metropolis' - Movie Review
2018-10-29(Mon): 'Corbin Nash' - Movie Review
2018-10-27(Sat): 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' - Movie Review
2018-10-26(Fri): 'Upgrade' - Movie Review
2018-10-22(Mon): 'Norse Mythology' - Book Review
2018-10-16(Tue): The 'Repair Manifesto' with Rebuttal
2018-10-15(Mon): 'Practical Use of GRUB's DSL'
2018-10-15(Mon): Maps in Lists and Lists in Maps in Groovy
2018-10-14(Sun): 'Elements of Taste' - Book Review
2018-10-11(Thu): 'A (Brief) History of Vice' - Book Review
2018-10-09(Tue): 'Seven Psychopaths' - Movie Review
2018-10-08(Mon): 'The Kraken Wakes' - Book Review
2018-10-04(Thu): 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' - Movie Review
2018-09-30(Sun): 'The Sense of an Ending' - Movie Review
2018-09-27(Thu): 'The Good Place' Season 2 - TV Review
2018-09-26(Wed): 'Tesla: Inventor of the Modern' - Book Review
2018-09-25(Tue): 'Death at a Funeral' - Movie Review
2018-09-23(Sun): 'Split' - Movie Review
2018-09-19(Wed): 'Junction Craft Brewing' - Brew Pub Review
2018-09-19(Wed): 'Rainhard Brewing' - Brew Pub Review
2018-09-19(Wed): Getting to the Breweries along Symes Road
2018-09-19(Wed): 'Shacklands Brewing' - Brew Pub Review
2018-09-17(Mon): Radical Road Brewing Co. - Brew Pub Review
2018-09-12(Wed): Horror Food
2018-09-11(Tue): Tracing a Nikola Tesla Quote
2018-09-10(Mon): OpenWRT and a SMB Share
2018-09-09(Sun): 'Lost in Space' - 2018 TV Review (first episode)
2018-09-03(Mon): 'Little Sister' - Movie Review
2018-09-03(Mon): 'Stations of the Tide' - Book Review
2018-09-03(Mon): 'Groundhog Day' and Friends
2018-09-01(Sat): 'Legion' Season 1 - TV Review
2018-09-01(Sat): 'ARQ' - Movie Review
2018-08-28(Tue): PowerShell Prompt
2018-08-28(Tue): 'Before I Fall' - Movie Review
2018-08-27(Mon): 'Happy Death Day' - Movie Review
2018-08-26(Sun): 'Brunswick Bierworks' - Brew Pub Review
2018-08-21(Tue): 'The Story of Computing' - Book Review
2018-08-20(Mon): 'The Wedding Plan' - Movie Review
2018-08-19(Sun): 'Ghost in the Shell' 2017 - Movie Review
2018-08-19(Sun): 'The Expanse' Season 3 - TV Review
2018-08-18(Sat): Rorschach Brewing - Brew Pub Review
2018-08-16(Thu): 'Witchmark' - Book Review
2018-08-14(Tue): 'Avengers: Infinity War' - Movie Review
2018-08-12(Sun): 'Isle of Dogs' - Movie Review
2018-08-12(Sun): OpenWrt 18.06.0 in VirtualBox
2018-08-11(Sat): 'Eddie the Eagle' - Movie Review
2018-08-05(Sun): 'Rise of the Legend' - Movie Review
2018-08-03(Fri): 'Annihilation' - Movie Review
2018-07-30(Mon): The Complexities of LaTeX
2018-07-28(Sat): 'The Girl With All the Gifts' - Movie Review
2018-07-27(Fri): 'Tomb Raider' (2018) - Movie Review
2018-07-27(Fri): Getting Started With LaTeX
2018-07-26(Thu): 'The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness' - Movie Review
2018-07-22(Sun): TP-Link WR841N v8 and LEDE/OpenWRT
2018-07-17(Tue): 'Hair of the Dog' - Beer Bar Review
2018-07-15(Sun): 'The Limehouse Golem' - Movie Review
2018-07-15(Sun): 'The Little Hours' - Movie Review
2018-07-15(Sun): 'The Boy and the Beast' - Movie Review
2018-07-14(Sat): 'Righting Wrongs' - Movie Review
2018-07-13(Fri): 'Gilda' - Movie Review
2018-07-11(Wed): 'All Systems Red' - Book Review
2018-07-09(Mon): 'Swiss Army Man' - Movie Review
2018-07-08(Sun): 'Queen and Country' - Movie Review
2018-07-08(Sun): 'Wind River' - Movie Review
2018-07-07(Sat): 'Logan Lucky' - Movie Review
2018-07-07(Sat): 'Mindbridge' - Book Review
2018-07-06(Fri): 'Nova' - Book Review
2018-07-02(Mon): 'Tokyo Ghoul' - Movie Review
2018-06-30(Sat): 'Camouflage' - Book Review
2018-06-26(Tue): 'Hardcore Henry' - Partial Movie Review
2018-06-25(Mon): 'Minority Report' - TV Review, two episodes
2018-06-24(Sun): The Granite Brewery - Brew Pub Review
2018-06-24(Sun): 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' - Movie Review
2018-06-23(Sat): 'Coco' - Movie Review
2018-06-23(Sat): 'Sense8' Finale: 'Amor Vincit Omnia'
2018-06-21(Thu): The Six Brewhouse - Brew Pub Review
2018-06-20(Wed): 'Secret Agent' (1936) - Movie Review
2018-06-17(Sun): 'Random Harvest' - Movie Review
2018-06-14(Thu): 'Retief!' - Book Review
2018-06-13(Wed): 'Nginx and HAProxy Cipher Suites' Presentation for TLUG
2018-06-10(Sun): 'The Good Place,' Season 1 - TV Review
2018-06-09(Sat): 'American Gods' - TV Review, two episodes
2018-06-02(Sat): Metros: Toronto, Tokyo, and Seoul
2018-06-01(Fri): 'The Forever War' - Book Review
2018-05-27(Sun): 'Baby Driver' - Movie Review
2018-05-27(Sun): Close-out, return, and assessment
2018-05-26(Sat): Cabinet of Curiosities, and the Curiosity that it Tokyo
2018-05-25(Fri): A beautiful garden, a knife, and really good food
2018-05-24(Thu): A better day can be had in Tokyo
2018-05-23(Wed): Seoul-to-Tokyo
2018-05-22(Tue): A heron, an art museum, computer accessories, and more food
2018-05-21(Mon): Bukchons, Yeouido, Food and Booze
2018-05-20(Sun): A Bigger and Better Hill
2018-05-19(Sat): A Urinal with a View
2018-05-18(Fri): The Alleyways!
2018-05-17(Thu): City Hall and Bongeun Sa
2018-05-16(Wed): A 747 to Seoul
2018-05-15(Tue): Gardens and Neighbourhoods
2018-05-14(Mon): Ghibli
2018-05-13(Sun): Arrival in Tokyo
2018-05-13(Sun): 'Justice League' - Movie Review
2018-05-12(Sat): Departure for Tokyo and Seoul
2018-05-10(Thu): 'Camp Concentration' - Book Review
2018-05-10(Thu): 'Nginx and HAProxy Cipher Suites' Presentation for Code4Lib North
2018-05-07(Mon): 'Rebecca' - Movie Review
2018-05-07(Mon): Japan 2013 Blog posted
2018-05-06(Sun): Great Food on North Yonge - Map of North Yonge Restaurants
2018-05-05(Sat): 'We're No Angels' - Movie Review
2018-04-28(Sat): 'Bon Cop Bad Cop 2' - Movie Review
2018-04-28(Sat): 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' (2017) - Movie Review
2018-04-26(Thu): 'Louis Cifer' - Brew Pub Review
2018-04-26(Thu): 'Bar Hop Session' - Beer Bar Review
2018-04-24(Tue): 'The Librarians,' Season 3 - TV Review
2018-04-21(Sat): Common Good Beer Company - Brew Pub Review
2018-04-19(Thu): 'Saulter Street Brewery' - Brew Pub Review
2018-04-19(Thu): Eastbound Brewing - Brew Pub Review
2018-04-16(Mon): 'The Company of Strangers' - Movie Review
2018-04-14(Sat): 'Megan Leavey' - Movie Review
2018-04-13(Fri): 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' - Movie Review
2018-04-11(Wed): 'Microbe and Gasoline' or 'Microbe et Gasoil' - Movie Review
2018-04-10(Tue): 'Pride of Baghdad' - Graphic Novel Review
2018-04-09(Mon): 'Phantom Boy' - Movie Review
2018-04-09(Mon): 'A Wizard of Earthsea' - Book Review
2018-04-07(Sat): Yayoi Kusama's 'Infinity Mirrors' at the Art Gallery of Ontario
2018-04-06(Fri): 'Sherlock' Season 4 (episodes 1 and 2) - TV Review
2018-04-05(Thu): Give Blood
2018-04-02(Mon): 'Despicable Me 3' - Movie Review
2018-04-01(Sun): Map Yourself and Your Photos
2018-04-01(Sun): 'Underworld: Blood Wars' - Movie Review
2018-03-24(Sat): 'The Mummy' - Movie Review
2018-03-24(Sat): 2000 Movies
2018-03-24(Sat): 'Gifted' - Movie Review
2018-03-23(Fri): 'Black Panther' - Movie Review
2018-03-22(Thu): 'Atomic Blonde' - Movie Review
2018-03-20(Tue): 'War of the Arrows' - Movie Review
2018-03-19(Mon): 'Garden of Words' - Movie Review
2018-03-17(Sat): 'Elstree 1976' - Movie Review
2018-03-17(Sat): 'The Dressmaker' - Movie Review
2018-03-12(Mon): 'Robocop' (2014) - Movie Review
2018-03-12(Mon): 'Only Yesterday' - Movie Review
2018-03-12(Mon): Some Differences Between Apache and Nginx SSIs
2018-03-12(Mon): Using Server-Side Includes on Both Apache and Nginx
2018-03-11(Sun): 'Their Finest' - Movie Review
2018-03-10(Sat): 'Star Trek: Discovery' - Season 1, TV Review
2018-03-08(Thu): 'Fullmetal Alchemist' (live action) - Movie Review
2018-03-07(Wed): 'Thor: Ragnarok' - Movie Review
2018-03-04(Sun): 'Preacher' Season 2 - TV Review
2018-02-27(Tue): 'The Left Hand of Darkness' - Book Review
2018-02-24(Sat): 'Cars 3' - Movie Review
2018-02-24(Sat): 'Addams Family Values' - Movie Review
2018-02-24(Sat): 'Agatha Raisin' TV Review (first six episodes)
2018-02-19(Mon): 'Altered Carbon' Season 1 - TV Review
2018-02-17(Sat): 'Patriots Day' - Movie Review
2018-02-17(Sat): 'The Railway Man' - Movie Review
2018-02-11(Sun): 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' - Movie Review
2018-02-06(Tue): 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' - Movie Review
2018-02-03(Sat): 'Blade of the Immortal' - Movie Review
2018-02-01(Thu): 'Security? You Don't Really Want That ...'
2018-01-28(Sun): 'Sense8' Season 2 - TV Review
2018-01-27(Sat): 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night' - Movie Review
2018-01-27(Sat): 'The Dark Tower' - Movie Review
2018-01-23(Tue): Cipher Suites for Nginx and HAProxy
2018-01-23(Tue): 'Preacher' Season 1 - TV Review
2018-01-19(Fri): The Clown Operating System
2018-01-17(Wed): 'At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances' - Book Review
2018-01-16(Tue): 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' - Movie Review
2018-01-15(Mon): 'The Lego Batman Movie' - Movie Review
2018-01-13(Sat): Writing Functions in GRUB's DSL
2018-01-04(Thu): 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - Movie Review
2018-01-03(Wed): GRUB - Pseudo-Graphical Mode and Fonts
2018-01-03(Wed): The GRUB 'grubenv' Variable
2018-01-03(Wed): 'Bright' - Movie Review
2018-01-01(Mon): 'Baywatch' - Movie Review
2018-01-01(Mon): 'Maus: A Survivor's Tale' - Graphic Novel(s) Review
2017-12-31(Sun): The GRUB Command Line
2017-12-30(Sat): Creatron Raspberry Pi RTC Device
2017-12-28(Thu): 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' - Movie Review
2017-12-27(Wed): Kensington Brewing Company - Review
2017-12-26(Tue): 'Sense8' Season 1 - TV Review
2017-12-23(Sat): 'Kung Fu Yoga' - Movie Review
2017-12-23(Sat): 'Colossal' - Movie Review
2017-12-19(Tue): 'Use of Weapons' - Book Review
2017-12-17(Sun): 'In Order of Disappearance' - Movie Review
2017-12-16(Sat): 'Shin Godzilla' - Movie Review
2017-12-07(Thu): Bandit Brewery in Roncesvalles does it Right
2017-12-07(Thu): Lansdowne Brewery - Avoid
2017-12-06(Wed): Ryerson's Special Collections
2017-12-05(Tue): 'Linux Utilities Cookbook' - Book Review
2017-12-02(Sat): 'Major Barbara' - Movie Review
2017-11-30(Thu): 'Muddy York' - Brew Pub Review
2017-11-28(Tue): 'The Three-Body Problem' - Book Review
2017-11-27(Mon): 'Daytripper' - Graphic Novel Review
2017-11-26(Sun): 'Monster Trucks' - Movie Review
2017-11-24(Fri): 'Clueless' - Movie Review
2017-11-23(Thu): Henderson Brewing Company - Brew Pub Review
2017-11-21(Tue): 'The Story of Computing' - Upcoming Book Photo
2017-11-20(Mon): 'The Expanse,' Season 2 - TV Review
2017-11-20(Mon): Exploding Sparse Files - Your Lesson For the Day
2017-11-19(Sun): 'Toni Erdmann' - Movie Review
2017-11-18(Sat): 'La La Land' - Movie Review
2017-11-18(Sat): Debian - Backports, Other Repositories, and Pinning
2017-11-16(Thu): Liberty Commons - Brew Pub Review
2017-11-15(Wed): 'Anya's Ghost' - Graphic Novel Review
2017-11-15(Wed): Fake Xdmx
2017-11-14(Tue): Xdmx - Failure (again)
2017-11-13(Mon): Logical Volume Management (LVM) - Basics and Resizing
2017-11-02(Thu): Get Well - Beer Bar Review
2017-11-02(Thu): Folly Brewpub - Brew Pub Review
2017-10-30(Mon): 'Lethal Weapon' - Movie Review
2017-10-29(Sun): PXE Beginnings
2017-10-29(Sun): Mounting a USB Drive on OpenWRT Chaos Calmer
2017-10-26(Thu): 'Blood Brothers Brewing' - Brew Pub Review
2017-10-26(Thu): 'The Greater Good' - Beer Bar Review
2017-10-21(Sat): 'A Somewhat Gentle Man' - Movie Review
2017-10-21(Sat): Burdock - Brew Pub Review
2017-10-20(Fri): 'Tumbledown' - Movie Review
2017-10-18(Wed): Godspeed Brewery - Review
2017-10-18(Wed): 'Eulalie's Corner Store' - Review
2017-10-15(Sun): Toronto's Incredible Selection of Brew Pubs and Beer Bars
2017-10-14(Sat): 'La Femme Nikita' - Movie Review
2017-10-12(Thu): 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' - Movie Review
2017-10-09(Mon): 'The Edge of Seventeen' - Movie Review
2017-10-08(Sun): 'Il Sorpasso' - Movie Review
2017-10-08(Sun): The Linux 'ss' Command - Basics
2017-10-08(Sun): The Linux 'ip' Command - Basics
2017-10-07(Sat): 'Lion' - Movie Review
2017-10-05(Thu): 'Gateway' - Book Review
2017-10-05(Thu): 'Die Hard 2' - Movie Review
2017-09-29(Fri): 'Ignition! An Informal History of Rocket Propellants' - Book Review
2017-09-27(Wed): 'Sing' - Movie Review
2017-09-27(Wed): HTTP/2 with Nginx and HAProxy
2017-09-23(Sat): 'The Matador' - Movie Review
2017-09-21(Thu): A window into 'The Avengers' TV Series
2017-09-17(Sun): 'Byzantium' - Movie Review
2017-09-16(Sat): Two Days of Driving, With Stops
2017-09-14(Thu): Percé to Amqui
2017-09-13(Wed): Île Bonaventure
2017-09-12(Tue): Forillon, Land's End
2017-09-11(Mon): Forillon National Park
2017-09-10(Sun): This is the road you were looking for
2017-09-09(Sat): Respect The Moose
2017-09-08(Fri): Salmon Ladders and Parc National de la Gaspésie
2017-09-07(Thu): Rimouski to Matane
2017-09-06(Wed): Quebec, Days 1 and 2
2017-09-05(Tue): Old Photos
2017-09-01(Fri): 'To Be or Not to Be' (1942) - Movie Review
2017-08-31(Thu): Hypergolicity and Liquid Rocket Propellants
2017-08-30(Wed): 'Wonder Woman' - Movie Review
2017-08-28(Mon): 'The Big Sick' - Movie Review
2017-08-28(Mon): Photos from the Eclipse
2017-08-27(Sun): 'Mr. and Mrs. Murder' - TV Review
2017-08-26(Sat): 'Endeavour' - TV Review
2017-08-26(Sat): 'Ra.One' - Movie Review
2017-08-25(Fri): 'Good Omens' - Book Review
2017-08-20(Sun): 'The Dance of Reality' - Movie Review
2017-08-20(Sun): 'Dark Passage' - Movie Review
2017-08-19(Sat): 'Tokyo Fiancée' - Movie Review
2017-08-16(Wed): 'Contact' - Book Review
2017-08-14(Mon): 'A Wrinkle in Time' - Book Review
2017-08-13(Sun): 'Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself' - Movie Review
2017-08-13(Sun): Bash Prompt Experimentation
2017-08-06(Sun): Pelican Static Web Generator Parsing Problems
2017-08-06(Sun): Ansible Dysfunction #2: included files skipped with 'when:' still modify content
2017-08-06(Sun): Ansible Dysfunction #1: undefined variables break unused roles
2017-08-05(Sat): 'Hidden Figures' - Movie Review
2017-08-04(Fri): 'Swallows and Amazons' - Movie Review
2017-08-04(Fri): 'The Trouble With Harry' - Movie Review
2017-08-03(Thu): 'Power Rangers' - Movie Review
2017-07-30(Sun): 'Death in Paradise' Series 1 - TV Review
2017-07-25(Tue): SSH - Handshakes and Fingerprinting
2017-07-24(Mon): 'Life, Animated' - Movie Review
2017-07-22(Sat): 'Island Etude' - Movie Review
2017-07-22(Sat): 'The Lady Vanishes' (1938) - Movie Review
2017-07-21(Fri): 'Everybody Wants Some!!' - Movie Review
2017-07-21(Fri): 'The Man Who Knew Infinity' - Movie Review
2017-07-19(Wed): 'Chocolat' - Movie Review
2017-07-18(Tue): 'Rendezvous With Rama' - Book Review
2017-07-16(Sun): 'Lo and Behold' - Movie Review
2017-07-15(Sat): 'Kingdom' Season 1 - TV Review
2017-07-11(Tue): 'Mastering Linux Shell Scripting' - Book Review
2017-07-11(Tue): 'Consider Phlebas' - Book Review
2017-07-09(Sun): The Second Factor According to Yubico
2017-07-08(Sat): 'Love is All You Need' - Movie Review
2017-07-08(Sat): 'Jason Bourne' - Movie Review
2017-07-08(Sat): 'The Intuitionist' - Book Review
2017-07-07(Fri): 'Catwoman' - Movie Review
2017-07-03(Mon): 'Stella Days' - Movie Review
2017-07-03(Mon): Linux Authorization With a USB Stick
2017-07-02(Sun): 'Going Clear' - Movie Review
2017-07-01(Sat): 'Arthur and George' - TV Review
2017-06-29(Thu): 'John Wick: Chapter 2' - Movie Review
2017-06-26(Mon): 'The Glass Key' - Movie Review
2017-06-26(Mon): 'Found Memories' - Movie Review
2017-06-24(Sat): 'Storks' - Movie Review
2017-06-24(Sat): 'Witness' - Movie Review
2017-06-23(Fri): 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' - Movie Review
2017-06-17(Sat): 'Zulu' - Movie Review
2017-06-15(Thu): The HAProxy Serving-Static-Content Hack
2017-06-15(Thu): 'Beyond the Blue Event Horizon' - Book Review
2017-06-14(Wed): 'Logan' - Movie Review
2017-06-08(Thu): 'Castle Waiting Vol. 2' - Graphic Novel Review
2017-06-05(Mon): git - Tracking Different Remotes on Different Branches
2017-06-04(Sun): 'Children Who Chase Lost Voices' - Movie Review
2017-06-04(Sun): 'Childhood's End' - TV Review
2017-06-02(Fri): 'Castle Waiting' - Graphic Novel Review
2017-06-01(Thu): 'Responsible Disclosure' and Security Vulnerabilities
2017-05-31(Wed): 'The Birds' - Movie Review
2017-05-30(Tue): 'The Secret Life of Pets' - Movie Review
2017-05-28(Sun): Recent Photos
2017-05-28(Sun): 'Slow West' - Movie Review
2017-05-22(Mon): Last Weekend's Photos
2017-05-22(Mon): Multiboot USB Stick GRUB Stanzas
2017-05-21(Sun): 'The Hundred-Foot Journey' - Movie Review
2017-05-21(Sun): 'Sleeping Giant' - Movie Review
2017-05-20(Sat): 'The God Box' - Book Review
2017-05-20(Sat): 'The Magnificent Seven' (1960) - Movie Review
2017-05-19(Fri): 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' - Movie Review
2017-05-18(Thu): 'Marvel's Iron Fist' - TV Review
2017-05-17(Wed): Setting up a Multi-Boot Linux USB Stick
2017-05-16(Tue): 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' - Movie Review
2017-05-15(Mon): The Ontario Science Centre - Fails Computer Science, then fixes itself
2017-05-14(Sun): 'Joe' - Movie Review
2017-05-12(Fri): 'Doorways in the Sand' - Book Review
2017-05-11(Thu): 'Moana' - Movie Review
2017-05-08(Mon): 'Hellsing' - Book/Manga Review
2017-05-07(Sun): 'The Magnificent Seven' (2016) - Movie Review
2017-05-07(Sun): Storage Device Partition Discovery
2017-05-06(Sat): The Thinkpad Keyboard Ribbon Cable Connectors
2017-05-06(Sat): 'The Stranger' - Movie Review
2017-05-05(Fri): '5 Centimeters Per Second' - Movie Review
2017-05-04(Thu): Teensy++ as USB HID (Human Interface Device)
2017-05-02(Tue): Teensy++ Installation
2017-05-01(Mon): PowerShell on Mac and Linux
2017-04-30(Sun): 'Kung Fu Killer' - Movie Review
2017-04-30(Sun): Installing PowerShell on Linux
2017-04-29(Sat): 'A Bigger Splash' - Movie Review
2017-04-28(Fri): 'Harvey' - Movie Review
2017-04-28(Fri): Code4Lib Presentation on Pelican
2017-04-27(Thu): 'A Royal Night Out' - Movie Review
2017-04-26(Wed): 'The Past Through Tomorrow' - Book Review
2017-04-25(Tue): 'The Great Wall' - Movie Review
2017-04-24(Mon): 'Ghost in the Shell: Arise' - TV Review
2017-04-24(Mon): A Couple Photos from Toronto Island
2017-04-22(Sat): 'The Mermaid' - Movie Review
2017-04-21(Fri): 'Warcraft' - Movie Review
2017-04-21(Fri): Controlling Your Logs
2017-04-17(Mon): 'Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society' - Movie Review
2017-04-17(Mon): 'Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex' Season 2 - TV Review
2017-04-14(Fri): Thinkpad Retrofit: Keyboard Part 3 - Choosing a Controller
2017-04-13(Thu): 'Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex' Season 1 - TV Review
2017-04-12(Wed): More Graphic Novel Reviews
2017-04-11(Tue): Thinkpad Retrofit: Keyboard Part 2 - More Questions Than Answers
2017-04-09(Sun): Thinkpad Retrofit: Keyboard Part 1
2017-04-09(Sun): The Thinkpad Retrofit Project
2017-04-07(Fri): 'Far From Men' - Movie Review
2017-04-07(Fri): 'Casting By' - Movie Review
2017-04-05(Wed): Linux: System Diagnostics
2017-04-04(Tue): SMART Tools
2017-04-03(Mon): 'Passengers' - Movie Review
2017-04-03(Mon): 'Assassin's Creed' - Movie Review
2017-04-02(Sun): 'Skiptrace' - Movie Review
2017-04-02(Sun): 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' - Movie Review
2017-04-01(Sat): 'Dragon Pearl' - Movie Review
2017-04-01(Sat): 'Rogue One' - Movie Review
2017-04-01(Sat): More Reviews of Graphic Novels
2017-03-28(Tue): Reviews of several graphic novels
2017-03-25(Sat): 'The Intern' - Movie Review
2017-03-24(Fri): 'In Real Life' - Book Review
2017-03-23(Thu): Better Late Than Never ...
2017-03-20(Mon): '100 Greatest Graphic Novels' - Book Review
2017-03-18(Sat): 'The Long Earth' - Book Review
2017-03-13(Mon): 'Tea with the Black Dragon' - Book Review
2017-03-12(Sun): 'Trouble with the Curve' - Movie Review
2017-03-11(Sat): 'Au revoir les enfants' - Movie Review
2017-03-10(Fri): 'The Angry Birds Movie' - Movie Review
2017-03-09(Thu): 'The Nice Guys' - Movie Review
2017-03-07(Tue): 'Towing Jehovah' - Book Review
2017-03-05(Sun): 'The Expanse,' Season 1 - TV Review
2017-03-04(Sat): Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard with Cherry Blue Key Switches
2017-03-01(Wed): 'Hacksaw Ridge' - Movie Review
2017-02-28(Tue): 'Doctor Strange' - Movie Review
2017-02-25(Sat): 'Chasing Liberty' - Movie Review
2017-02-20(Mon): 'Hail Caesar!' - Movie Review
2017-02-20(Mon): 'Saint Ralph' - Movie Review
2017-02-19(Sun): 'Executive Suite' - Movie Review
2017-02-19(Sun): Yellow
2017-02-18(Sat): Debian Package Management
2017-02-17(Fri): 'Suicide Squad' - Movie Review
2017-02-16(Thu): 'date' for Bash and Unix
2017-02-14(Tue): Planning the Kinesis Advantage2 with Cherry Blues
2017-02-14(Tue): Fedora Package Management
2017-02-13(Mon): Command Line Synergy (the software)
2017-02-11(Sat): 'Deceptive Practice' - Movie Review
2017-02-10(Fri): 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' - Movie Review
2017-02-08(Wed): 'Kubo and the Two Strings' - Movie Review
2017-02-07(Tue): 'The Thin Blue Line' - Movie Review
2017-02-07(Tue): 'Lord of Light' - Book Review
2017-02-05(Sun): 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' - Movie Review
2017-02-04(Sat): 'Criminal' - Movie Review
2017-02-04(Sat): The Vim and Neovim Debugger
2017-01-31(Tue): Fun With Fedora Package Dependencies
2017-01-31(Tue): Debian Package Dependencies
2017-01-30(Mon): journalctl Basics
2017-01-29(Sun): 'The Ghost Map' - Book Review
2017-01-28(Sat): 'A Brilliant Young Mind' - Movie Review
2017-01-28(Sat): 'Moonstruck' - Movie Review
2017-01-25(Wed): HAProxy for Re-Encrypting Load Balancing
2017-01-24(Tue): 'Load Balancing with HAProxy' - Book Review
2017-01-21(Sat): 'Midnight Special' - Movie Review
2017-01-21(Sat): 'Bus Stop' - Movie Review
2017-01-19(Thu): 'Flow' and the Paradox of the Complex Tool
2017-01-15(Sun): 'An Affair to Remember' - Movie Review
2017-01-13(Fri): 'Where Good Ideas Come From' - Book Review
2017-01-12(Thu): Apache's Website Benchmarking Tool
2017-01-08(Sun): 'Sully' - Movie Review
2017-01-07(Sat): 'The Magician' - Movie Review
2017-01-05(Thu): Bulk Finding JPEG Image Quality at the Command Line
2017-01-03(Tue): Fun and Games with U2F Keys and Linux
2017-01-01(Sun): 'The Sapphires' - Movie Review
2017-01-01(Sun): Revisiting 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell' - Book Review
2016-12-30(Fri): 'Stake Land' - Movie Review
2016-12-27(Tue): '10 Cloverfield Lane' - Movie Review
2016-12-26(Mon): 'Hitchcock' - Movie Review
2016-12-25(Sun): 'Little Big Soldier' - Movie Review
2016-12-24(Sat): 'The Rosie Project' - Book Review
2016-12-24(Sat): 'A Walk Among the Tombstones' - Movie Review
2016-12-23(Fri): 'A Brief History of Time' - Movie Review
2016-12-17(Sat): 'I Am Bruce Lee' - Movie Review
2016-12-17(Sat): 'Laura' - Movie Review
2016-12-16(Fri): 'Journey to the West' - Movie Review
2016-12-16(Fri): 'Jack of Shadows' - Book Review
2016-12-15(Thu): 'Accidental Parkland: The Bounty & Burden of Toronto's Ravines' - Movie Review
2016-12-14(Wed): 'Spectral' - Movie Review
2016-12-13(Tue): 'A Canticle for Leibowitz' - Book Review
2016-12-11(Sun): 'The Machine' - Movie Review
2016-12-11(Sun): 'The Lady from Shanghai' - Movie Review
2016-12-10(Sat): 'John Dies at the End' - Movie Review
2016-12-09(Fri): 'The Best Years of Our Lives' - Movie Review
2016-12-03(Sat): 'The Green Mile' - Movie Review
2016-11-28(Mon): 'Now You See Me 2' - Movie Review
2016-11-28(Mon): Never Fly Air China
2016-11-26(Sat): Hong Kong: Last Hours
2016-11-25(Fri): Hong Kong: Dinner on the Street
2016-11-24(Thu): Hong Kong: The Dragon's Back
2016-11-23(Wed): Hong Kong: Science Museum and Money
2016-11-22(Tue): Hong Kong: The Main Library (and a better day)
2016-11-21(Mon): Hong Kong: Macao
2016-11-20(Sun): Hong Kong: The Amah Invasion
2016-11-19(Sat): Hong Kong: the New Territories
2016-11-18(Fri): Hong Kong: Two Computer Geeks
2016-11-17(Thu): Hong Kong: Gardens
2016-11-16(Wed): Hong Kong: Markets, Hong Kong Park, and The Skyline
2016-11-15(Tue): Hong Kong: The Big Buddha and Lantau Peak
2016-11-14(Mon): Hong Kong, Day 1
2016-11-12(Sat): 'Finding Dory' - Movie Review
2016-11-07(Mon): 'Swallows and Amazons' - Book Review
2016-11-06(Sun): OpenMediaVault on Proxmox
2016-11-05(Sat): 'Love and Friendship' - Movie Review
2016-11-05(Sat): 'Star Trek: Beyond' - Movie Review
2016-11-04(Fri): 'X-Men: Apocalypse' - Movie Review
2016-11-04(Fri): 'Contact' - Movie Review
2016-11-02(Wed): Proxmox and Sound
2016-11-02(Wed): Installing a disk image with netcat!
2016-11-01(Tue): 'The Art of Readable Code' - Book Review
2016-10-29(Sat): VolumIO
2016-10-28(Fri): 'Kagemusha' - Movie Review
2016-10-25(Tue): Readable Code
2016-10-22(Sat): 'Tamara Drewe' - Movie Review
2016-10-22(Sat): 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' - TV Review
2016-10-18(Tue): Sharpe's Movies - Movie Reviews
2016-10-17(Mon): 'Man's Search for Meaning' - Book Review
2016-10-16(Sun): 'Quantum Hoops' - Movie Review
2016-10-10(Mon): Philately, aka 'Stamp Collecting'
2016-10-09(Sun): 'The Assassin' - Movie Review
2016-10-09(Sun): 'A Map for Saturday' - Movie Review
2016-10-08(Sat): 'Futureworld' - Movie Review
2016-10-08(Sat): 'Bubba Ho-Tep' - Movie Review
2016-10-08(Sat): 'Notorious' - Movie Review
2016-10-08(Sat): Dia - Diagramming Software
2016-10-07(Fri): 'The Lobster' - Movie Review
2016-10-04(Tue): Stuffed Toys at the CNE
2016-10-02(Sun): 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' - Movie Review
2016-10-02(Sun): Glass Hard Drive Platters
2016-09-28(Wed): Ansible Vault
2016-09-28(Wed): 'Docker Up and Running' - Book Review
2016-09-27(Tue): 'North by Northwest' - Movie Review
2016-09-25(Sun): 'What We Did On Our Holiday' - Movie Review
2016-09-25(Sun): Working with Library Catalogue Data
2016-09-25(Sun): First Look at Alpine Linux
2016-09-20(Tue): 'Truckers' - Book Review
2016-09-18(Sun): 'Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale' - Movie Review
2016-09-18(Sun): 'Run Silent, Run Deep' - Movie Review
2016-09-11(Sun): Making Docker Images
2016-09-10(Sat): 'Samsara' - Movie Review
2016-09-10(Sat): Securely Wiping Data
2016-09-07(Wed): The Strength of Gods
2016-09-05(Mon): Basic Docker
2016-09-05(Mon): Docker Theory
2016-09-04(Sun): 'Safety Last' - Movie Review
2016-09-04(Sun): 'Side by Side' - Movie Review
2016-09-04(Sun): 'Four Roads Cross' - Book Review
2016-09-03(Sat): 'Castles in the Sky' - Movie Review
2016-09-03(Sat): 'Spectre' - Movie Review
2016-08-31(Wed): 'git archive' and github
2016-08-30(Tue): 'The Jacket' - Movie Review
2016-08-30(Tue): Jinja2 for Ansible Templates
2016-08-30(Tue): Editing and Creating Systemd Services (Updated)
2016-08-29(Mon): Linux Process Memory Usage
2016-08-29(Mon): Nginx compresses my what?
2016-08-28(Sun): The Power of the Pipe
2016-08-26(Fri): A First Look at Proxmox
2016-08-24(Wed): 'Star Beast' - Book Review
2016-08-23(Tue): LinuxCon: so many things to follow up ...
2016-08-21(Sun): 'M' - Movie Review
2016-08-21(Sun): MySQL Basics
2016-08-20(Sat): Mounting or Resizing a VirtualBox VDI Virtual Hard Drive
2016-08-19(Fri): 'Double Star' - Book Review
2016-08-17(Wed): Domain Transfers and Domain Registrars
2016-08-12(Fri): The Olympics: Bizarre Facts and Personal Heroes
2016-08-11(Thu): 7 Reasons to Love Vim
2016-08-06(Sat): 'Gods of Egypt' - Movie Review
2016-08-05(Fri): 'Stranger Things' Season 1 - TV Review
2016-08-03(Wed): TLS Update: OCSP and HSTS
2016-08-03(Wed): 'Only You Can Save Mankind' - Book Review
2016-08-01(Mon): 'Enemy' - Movie Review
2016-08-01(Mon): 'The Woman in Gold' - Movie Review
2016-08-01(Mon): Selecting, Changing, and Deleting Blocks of Text with Vim
2016-07-31(Sun): 'Concussion' - Movie Review
2016-07-31(Sun): '16 Blocks' - Movie Review
2016-07-30(Sat): 'When Marnie Was There' - Movie Review
2016-07-30(Sat): 'Nothing Sacred' - Movie Review
2016-07-30(Sat): Finding, Selecting, and Managing TTF Programmer Fonts for X
2016-07-29(Fri): '20 Feet From Stardom' - Movie Review
2016-07-27(Wed): Opening a Text file from a GUI File Manager
2016-07-26(Tue): 'Johnny and the Bomb' - Book Review
2016-07-21(Thu): 'American Ultra' - Movie Review
2016-07-17(Sun): 'The Last Stormlord' - Book Review
2016-07-16(Sat): 'The Big Short' - Movie Review
2016-07-16(Sat): LAST_MODIFIED, SSIs, and sed
2016-07-16(Sat): Migrating Apache Server-Side Includes to Nginx
2016-07-13(Wed): Editing and Creating Systemd Services
2016-07-11(Mon): Using an Outdoor Knife in the Kitchen
2016-07-10(Sun): 'The Singing Revolution' - Movie Review
2016-07-10(Sun): 'Gringo Trails' - Movie Review
2016-07-08(Fri): Vim: Ansible go-to-role
2016-07-06(Wed): Vim: Updating a 'Last Modified' Tag
2016-07-05(Tue): 'Big Game' - Movie Review
2016-07-02(Sat): 'Do I Sound Gay?' - Movie Review
2016-06-29(Wed): 'Zootopia' - Movie Review
2016-06-22(Wed): 'Mister X: Razed' - Comic Review
2016-06-21(Tue): Debugging Elasticsearch Start-up
2016-06-20(Mon): 'The Weavers of Saramyr' - Book Review
2016-06-19(Sun): 'Yakuza Apocalypse' - Movie Review
2016-06-17(Fri): 'Lady Susan' - Book Review
2016-06-16(Thu): 'San Andreas' - Movie Review
2016-06-11(Sat): 'New Tricks,' Season 12 - TV Review
2016-06-09(Thu): Vimscript Variable Scoping and Pseudovariables
2016-06-09(Thu): 'The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories' - Book Review
2016-06-08(Wed): Tab Completion in Vim and Neovim
2016-06-08(Wed): Movies that Maul Science
2016-06-06(Mon): 'Deadpool' - Movie Review
2016-06-05(Sun): 'Spare Parts' - Movie Review
2016-06-04(Sat): First Look at Neovim
2016-06-03(Fri): 'Chronos' - (Short) Movie Review
2016-06-02(Thu): Getting Neovim Installed on Debian, Ubuntu and Mac
2016-05-31(Tue): 'Captain America: Civil War' - Movie Review
2016-05-30(Mon): 'Forest of Memory' - Book Review
2016-05-29(Sun): 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home' - Movie Review
2016-05-25(Wed): 'How to Lie with Statistics' - Book Review
2016-05-23(Mon): 'Where to Invade Next' - Movie Review
2016-05-23(Mon): 'Kung Fu Panda 3' - Movie Review
2016-05-23(Mon): 'Minions' - Movie Review
2016-05-22(Sun): Firenze, Last Day
2016-05-21(Sat): Firenze - the Uffizi and Shopping
2016-05-20(Fri): Firenze - Siena Day Trip
2016-05-19(Thu): Firenze - Palazzo Pitti
2016-05-18(Wed): The Panasonic FZ1000 Camera
2016-05-18(Wed): A Pisa Day Trip
2016-05-17(Tue): Firenze - The David
2016-05-16(Mon): Firenze Day 4
2016-05-15(Sun): Firenze Day 3
2016-05-14(Sat): Firenze, Piazza del Duomo (Day 2)
2016-05-13(Fri): Toronto to Boston to Zurich to Bologna to Firenze
2016-05-11(Wed): Getting Openstreetmap Data onto an old Garmin GPS
2016-05-07(Sat): 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell' - TV Review (last 5 episodes)
2016-05-07(Sat): Kim's Garden Restaurant (North York) - Review
2016-05-06(Fri): GO Open Data Conference
2016-05-03(Tue): 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell' - TV Review (first 2 episodes)
2016-05-02(Mon): '2012' - Movie Review
2016-05-01(Sun): 'The Judas Kiss' - Play Review
2016-04-29(Fri): 'Northanger Abbey' (2007) - Movie Review
2016-04-27(Wed): How to Select a Digital Camera
2016-04-24(Sun): Computer Keyboards
2016-04-23(Sat): 'Locke' - Movie Review
2016-04-23(Sat): 'Northanger Abbey' - Movie Review
2016-04-23(Sat): Netflix Canada, your selection sucks
2016-04-23(Sat): UbuntuBSD First Contact
2016-04-22(Fri): 'He Never Died' - Movie Review
2016-04-21(Thu): 'Tomorrowland' - Movie Review
2016-04-19(Tue): Grunt, or 'The Joys of Node Under Ubuntu'
2016-04-16(Sat): 'A Touch of Sin' - Movie Review
2016-04-16(Sat): 'Blitz' - Movie Review
2016-04-16(Sat): SSL Doesn't Really Exist - How to Set Up TLS
2016-04-15(Fri): 'Sherlock: The Abominable Bride' - Movie Review
2016-04-12(Tue): 'The Farthest Shore' - Book Review
2016-04-10(Sun): 'Bronco Billy' - Movie Review
2016-04-10(Sun): 'The Tombs of Atuan' - Book Review
2016-04-10(Sun): Cinematography
2016-04-09(Sat): Linux Swap File
2016-04-08(Fri): 'The Fantastic Four' (2015) - Movie Review
2016-04-08(Fri): 'Meet the Patels' - Movie Review
2016-04-07(Thu): 'Sharknado' - Movie Review
2016-04-06(Wed): John Varley's 'Millennium' - Book Review
2016-04-05(Tue): Re-examining 'The Force Awakens'
2016-04-04(Mon): Looking at Previous git Commits
2016-04-04(Mon): Editing a PostgreSQL Database
2016-04-03(Sun): Lint, Linting, and Linters (and Vim)
2016-04-02(Sat): 'Three Kings' - Movie Review
2016-04-02(Sat): 'Seven Samurai' - Movie Review
2016-04-01(Fri): Installing Ruby(s) on an Unprivileged Account
2016-03-30(Wed): 'The Hidden Fortress' - Movie Review
2016-03-28(Mon): 'The Uninvited' - Movie Review
2016-03-28(Mon): 'Veronica Mars' - Movie Review
2016-03-28(Mon): 'M is for Magic' - Book Review
2016-03-27(Sun): Booting Darwin on non-Apple Software
2016-03-26(Sat): 'The Commitments' - Movie Review
2016-03-26(Sat): 'Helvetica' - Movie Review
2016-03-25(Fri): 'Cinderella' (2015) - Movie Review
2016-03-25(Fri): 'City at the End of Time' - Book Review
2016-03-22(Tue): The ELK Stack with Beats: Creating Logstash Filters
2016-03-20(Sun): 'Man of the West' - Movie Review
2016-03-20(Sun): 'Ministry of Fear' - Movie Review
2016-03-19(Sat): '8 Mile' - Movie Review
2016-03-18(Fri): 'Attack on Titan' - Movie Review
2016-03-18(Fri): 'The Road to Little Dribbling' - Book Review
2016-03-16(Wed): 'The League of Gentlemen' - Movie Review
2016-03-14(Mon): 'Love in the Afternoon' - Movie Review
2016-03-14(Mon): 'The Congress' - Movie Review
2016-03-13(Sun): 'The Age of Adaline' - Movie Review
2016-03-12(Sat): 'RocknRolla' - Movie Review
2016-03-12(Sat): Vim - tab drop
2016-03-12(Sat): The ELK Stack with Beats: Securing the Beats-to-Logstash Connection
2016-03-09(Wed): 'Twinsters' - Movie Review
2016-03-09(Wed): The ELK Stack with Beats: Feeding Logstash with Beats (Insecure - so far)
2016-03-08(Tue): 'Spotlight' - Movie Review
2016-03-07(Mon): 'Furious 7' - Movie Review
2016-03-06(Sun): '12 Monkeys' - Movie Review
2016-03-05(Sat): The ELKBeats Stack: Getting E, L, and K to play nice together
2016-03-05(Sat): The ELKBeats Stack: K is for Kibana
2016-03-05(Sat): The ELKBeats Stack: E is for Elasticsearch
2016-03-05(Sat): The ELKBeats Stack: L is for Logstash
2016-03-05(Sat): The ELKBeats Stack: the Ground Work
2016-03-05(Sat): The ELKBeats Stack: Sounds Like a Good Idea ...
2016-03-05(Sat): 'Aloha' - Movie Review
2016-03-04(Fri): 'The Martian' - Movie Review
2016-03-03(Thu): 'Michael Palin: Around the World in Eighty Days' - TV Review
2016-03-02(Wed): 'Regarding Henry' - Movie Review
2016-03-01(Tue): Dot Bashprompt Public Release
2016-02-28(Sun): Thanks for Open Source
2016-02-25(Thu): 'Now You See Me' - Movie Review
2016-02-22(Mon): OpenVPN: Setup and Configuration
2016-02-22(Mon): OpenVPN: easy-rsa
2016-02-22(Mon): Fun with Git Branches
2016-02-21(Sun): 'Paper Towns' - Movie Review
2016-02-20(Sat): 'Love & Mercy' - Movie Review
2016-02-20(Sat): Revisiting 'L.A. Confidential' - Movie Review
2016-02-14(Sun): 'Stranger Than Fiction' - Movie Review
2016-02-14(Sun): 'Stage Fright' (1950) - Movie Review
2016-02-12(Fri): 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' - Movie Review
2016-02-12(Fri): 'Trainwreck' - Movie Review
2016-02-08(Mon): 'Nightbreed' - Movie Review
2016-02-07(Sun): Researching Remote X Sessions
2016-02-03(Wed): Ubuntu 15.10 (Re)Install Process
2016-01-31(Sun): gitcheck version 0.3 Public Release
2016-01-30(Sat): 'Immortals' - Movie Review
2016-01-30(Sat): 'My Old Lady' - Movie Review
2016-01-29(Fri): '56 Up' - Movie Review
2016-01-28(Thu): 'Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence' - Movie Review
2016-01-23(Sat): 'Midnight Run' - Movie Review
2016-01-22(Fri): 'Home' (2015) - Movie Review
2016-01-21(Thu): 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' - Movie Review
2016-01-21(Thu): 'Insurgent' - Movie Review
2016-01-20(Wed): 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' - Movie Review
2016-01-19(Tue): 'Divergent' - Movie Review
2016-01-17(Sun): 'Cemetery Man' - Movie Review
2016-01-15(Fri): 'Dylan Dog: Dead of Night' - Movie Review
2016-01-12(Tue): 'Salting the Battlefield' - Movie Review
2016-01-10(Sun): 'The Admiral: Roaring Currents' - Movie Review
2016-01-10(Sun): 'A Room With a View' - Movie Review
2016-01-09(Sat): 'Conscience of the Beagle' - Book Review
2016-01-08(Fri): 'Dope' - Movie Review
2016-01-08(Fri): Further Configuration of the Asus UX305C
2016-01-07(Thu): Building a Linux Kernel for the Asus UX305C
2016-01-05(Tue): 'Lets Encrypt' using acme-tiny on an Unprivileged Account
2016-01-02(Sat): 'Saving Mr. Wu' - Movie Review
2016-01-02(Sat): 'Last First Snow' - Book Review
2015-12-31(Thu): Linux on the Asus UX305
2015-12-26(Sat): 'Ant-Man' - Movie Review
2015-12-26(Sat): 'Born Yesterday' - Movie Review
2015-12-23(Wed): 'Ninja Scroll' - Movie Review
2015-12-20(Sun): 'Search Inside Yourself' - Book Review
2015-12-18(Fri): Generating Random Passwords
2015-12-18(Fri): Creating a Self-Signed SSL/TLS Certificate
2015-12-17(Thu): 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' - Movie Review
2015-12-16(Wed): Let's Encrypt - Free SSL Certificates
2015-12-15(Tue): Configuring HD-installed Tiny Core Linux
2015-12-13(Sun): 'Focus' - Movie Review
2015-12-12(Sat): Trying to Build VirtualBox Guest Additions for Tiny Core Linux
2015-12-11(Fri): 'Jurassic World' - Movie Review
2015-12-11(Fri): 'The DUFF' - Movie Review
2015-12-11(Fri): TinyCore Linux 6.4.1
2015-12-10(Thu): 'Quofum' - Book Review
2015-12-07(Mon): 'Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison' - Movie Review
2015-12-06(Sun): 'Top Five' - Movie Review
2015-12-06(Sun): 'Welcome to the Punch' - Movie Review
2015-12-05(Sat): 'I Married a Witch' - Movie Review
2015-12-04(Fri): 'Spy' - Movie Review
2015-12-02(Wed): Window Manager Bloodlines and Graphviz
2015-11-29(Sun): 'Nanban' - Movie Review
2015-11-28(Sat): 'Turks & Caicos' - Movie Review
2015-11-25(Wed): Dealing with git Remote Branches
2015-11-24(Tue): 'The Samurai of Ayothaya' - Movie Review
2015-11-23(Mon): 'The Almighty Johnsons,' Season 3 - TV Review
2015-11-22(Sun): 'The Vengekeep Prophecies' - Book Review
2015-11-17(Tue): 'Emma' (2009) - Movie Review
2015-11-17(Tue): 'Song of the Sea' - Movie Review
2015-11-16(Mon): OpenWRT for Routing VirtualBox Machines
2015-11-09(Mon): 'The Almighty Johnsons,' Season 2 - TV Review
2015-11-06(Fri): 'Inside Out' - Movie Review
2015-11-01(Sun): 'The Theory of Everything' - Movie Review
2015-11-01(Sun): Android 5.1-rc1 in VirtualBox
2015-10-31(Sat): Android 5.0.2 in VirtualBox
2015-10-29(Thu): Changing the tmux status bar
2015-10-27(Tue): Creating a LUKS-encrypted Partition with Linux
2015-10-27(Tue): 'The Most Dangerous Game' - Movie Review
2015-10-25(Sun): 'The One I Love' - Movie Review
2015-10-25(Sun): 'Paddington' - Movie Review
2015-10-23(Fri): 'The Almighty Johnsons,' Season 1 - TV Review
2015-10-23(Fri): Generating SSH Keys
2015-10-18(Sun): 'Ruby Sparks' - Movie Review
2015-10-18(Sun): 'The Great Race' - Movie Review
2015-10-17(Sat): 'Hot Pursuit' - Movie Review
2015-10-15(Thu): Vim Colour Scheme Automatic Look-up
2015-10-12(Mon): Programmatically Inserting Text and Variables with Vimscript
2015-10-11(Sun): 'Jodorowsky's Dune' - Movie Review
2015-10-11(Sun): 'The F Word' - Review
2015-10-10(Sat): 'Six Records of a Floating Life' - Book Review
2015-10-07(Wed): Review of Sean Russell's 'Moontide and Magic Rise' series
2015-10-06(Tue): The Awesome Unix Command Line
2015-10-05(Mon): 'Magnificent Butcher' - Movie Review
2015-10-04(Sun): 'The Road Warrior' vs. 'Fury Road'
2015-09-13(Sun): Newfoundland: Heading Home
2015-09-12(Sat): Newfoundland: A Day in St. John's
2015-09-11(Fri): Newfoundland: St. John's
2015-09-10(Thu): Newfoundland: Gros Morne to St. John's
2015-09-09(Wed): Newfoundland: Western Brook Pond
2015-09-08(Tue): Newfoundland: Gros Morne Mountain
2015-09-07(Mon): Newfoundland: Gander to Gros Morne
2015-09-06(Sun): Newfoundland: Terra Nova National Park
2015-09-05(Sat): Newfoundland: Arrival in St. John's
2015-08-30(Sun): Hardware Discovery with Linux
2015-08-25(Tue): 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' - Movie Review
2015-08-22(Sat): Computer Hardware Repair Toolkit
2015-08-21(Fri): Windows Software for Repair Café
2015-08-19(Wed): Firefox Settings
2015-08-16(Sun): Using Python's matplotlib to Plot Web Server Stats
2015-08-16(Sun): 'The Belgariad,' Parts one and two - Book Review
2015-08-16(Sun): 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' - Movie Review
2015-08-12(Wed): gitcheck Public Release
2015-08-10(Mon): Gould Goldberg 1954
2015-08-10(Mon): 'The Dam Busters' - Movie Review
2015-08-09(Sun): 'Jupiter Ascending' - Movie Review
2015-08-08(Sat): Python's configparser Module
2015-08-03(Mon): 'Feet of Clay' - Book Review
2015-08-03(Mon):'s Advertising Partners
2015-08-01(Sat): 'Mystery, Alaska' - Movie Review
2015-07-30(Thu): PC-BSD Package Management
2015-07-30(Thu): Solaris 11.2 and Licensing Issues
2015-07-27(Mon): 'The Ninth Configuration' - Movie Review
2015-07-27(Mon): 'What We Do In The Shadows' - Movie Review
2015-07-27(Mon): Trying out the PC-BSD 10.1.2 Virtual Appliance
2015-07-26(Sun): 'The Judge' - Movie Review
2015-07-22(Wed): 'The Sculptor' - Book Review
2015-07-20(Mon): Resetting a TP-Link WR841N v9
2015-07-19(Sun): 'Maskerade' - Book Review
2015-07-19(Sun): 'Waltz with Bashir' - Movie Review
2015-07-18(Sat): Setting git's Pager
2015-07-18(Sat): Git SSH Key(s) Problem
2015-07-16(Thu): Fixing an Ansible Synchronize Module and OpenWRT Failure
2015-07-15(Wed): Making a GIT Repository
2015-07-15(Wed): TP-Link TL-WR841N and OpenWRT
2015-07-14(Tue): OpenWRT Non-bridged Repeater
2015-07-09(Thu): Cherry Brandy Recipe
2015-07-09(Thu): Git bug in OpenWRT Barrier Breaker
2015-07-08(Wed): Getting Started With PostgreSQL
2015-07-07(Tue): Vim Colours and Syntax Highlighting
2015-07-06(Mon): Vim Sessions
2015-07-06(Mon): VirtualBox Administrative Details
2015-07-05(Sun): OpenWRT and Ansible
2015-07-05(Sun): 'Wolf Children' - Movie Review
2015-07-05(Sun): Bridged Network in OpenWRT inside VirtualBox
2015-07-04(Sat): Getting Android Running in VirtualBox
2015-06-30(Tue): 'Captain Blood' - Movie Review
2015-06-28(Sun): Getting OpenWRT Working in VirtualBox
2015-06-28(Sun): 'New Tricks' Seasons 10 and 11, TV Review
2015-06-27(Sat): 'The Boxtrolls' - Movie Review
2015-06-21(Sun): 'Broken Arrow' - Movie Review
2015-06-21(Sun): The Other Two Zen Movies
2015-06-18(Thu): 'Zen: Vendetta' - TV/Movie Review
2015-06-18(Thu): 'Ringworld' - Book Review
2015-06-17(Wed): An Introduction to Ansible
2015-06-15(Mon): 'Inglorious Basterds' - Movie Review
2015-06-14(Sun): Networking in VirtualBox
2015-06-14(Sun): NFS Introduction
2015-06-12(Fri): Experiences with Ubuntu Core 14.04
2015-06-09(Tue): 'Seventh Son' - Movie Review
2015-06-07(Sun): Linux host - Linux guest Sound in VirtualBox
2015-06-05(Fri): SliTaz 5.0RC3 'Cooking' - Review
2015-06-05(Fri): TinyCore v6.3 32-bit Install Review
2015-06-03(Wed): 'Men at Arms' - Book Review
2015-06-02(Tue): 'The Dark Knight Rises' - Movie Review
2015-06-01(Mon): 'The Other Guys' - Movie Review
2015-05-31(Sun): 'Hector and the Search for Happiness' - Movie Review
2015-05-31(Sun): 'Ex Machina' - Movie Review
2015-05-30(Sat): 'Million Dollar Arm' - Movie Review
2015-05-29(Fri): 'Ancillary Justice' - Book Review
2015-05-19(Tue): 'Dracula Untold' - Movie Review
2015-05-18(Mon): 'Lords and Ladies' - Book Review
2015-05-17(Sun): 'The Iron Dragon's Daughter' - Book Review
2015-05-16(Sat): Vancouver Island: Victoria
2015-05-15(Fri): Vancouver Island: Ucluelet to Victoria
2015-05-14(Thu): Vancouver Island: Ucluelet
2015-05-13(Wed): Vancouver Island: Nanaimo to Ucluelet
2015-05-12(Tue): Vancouver Island: Victoria to Nanaimo
2015-05-11(Mon): Vancouver Island: Port Renfrew back to Victoria
2015-05-10(Sun): Vancouver Island: Victoria to Port Renfrew
2015-05-08(Fri): TinyCore Linux Review
2015-05-07(Thu): 'Small Gods' - Book Review
2015-05-06(Wed): Linux BBQ Bork! - Review
2015-05-05(Tue): 'Pitch Perfect 2' - Movie Review
2015-05-03(Sun): 'The World's End' Movie Review
2015-05-02(Sat): 'Pride' - Movie Review
2015-04-29(Wed): 'Witches Abroad' - Book Review
2015-04-22(Wed): SliTaz v5.0 RC2 Part 2
2015-04-22(Wed): VirtualBox Basics
2015-04-20(Mon): Accessing LVM Volumes
2015-04-19(Sun): 'Reaper Man' - Book Review
2015-04-17(Fri): What's Wrong with Netflix's 'Daredevil'
2015-04-15(Wed): 'Moving Pictures' - Book Review
2015-04-14(Tue): ElementaryOS Freya Review
2015-04-13(Mon): SliTaz v5.0 RC2 Review
2015-04-12(Sun): "Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo" - Review
2015-04-11(Sat): "Calvary" - Movie Review
2015-04-08(Wed): "Saving Grace" - Movie Review
2015-04-07(Tue): Neil Gaiman
2015-04-06(Mon): "Dinner at Eight" - Movie Review
2015-03-31(Tue): 'Highlander: The Search for Vengeance' - Movie Review
2015-03-26(Thu): 'Kinky Boots' - Movie Review
2015-03-26(Thu): 'Frank' - Movie Review
2015-03-25(Wed): 'A Long Way Down' - Movie Review
2015-03-23(Mon): NixOS Review
2015-03-22(Sun): 'Full Fathom Five' - Book Review
2015-03-20(Fri): 'Fanie Fourie's Lobola' - Movie Review
2015-03-16(Mon): 'Birdman' - Movie Review
2015-03-15(Sun): 'Two Serpents Rise' - Book Review
2015-03-06(Fri): Throughput
2015-03-05(Thu): 'Three Parts Dead' - Book Review
2015-03-05(Thu): 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' - Movie Review
2015-03-01(Sun): 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' - Movie Review
2015-03-01(Sun): 'Guards! Guards!' - Book Review
2015-02-28(Sat): 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' - Movie Review
2015-02-28(Sat): 'Mort' - Book Review
2015-02-24(Tue): 'The Sessions' - Movie Review
2015-02-24(Tue): Programmatically Inserting Text and Variables with Vimscript
2015-02-23(Mon): 'Eric' - Book Review
2015-02-23(Mon): The Bastards from Nickel Brook
2015-02-22(Sun): "Foyle's War" Series 8 / Season 9 - Review
2015-02-16(Mon): Vim and the ftplugin folder
2015-02-16(Mon): Github's Atom Editor
2015-02-12(Thu): A Vim Presentation
2015-02-09(Mon): 'Interstellar' - Movie Review
2015-02-08(Sun): Babylon 5
2015-02-04(Wed): 'Pyramids' - Book Review
2015-02-02(Mon): 'Dinosaur 13' - Movie Review
2015-02-02(Mon): '47 Ronin' - Movie Review
2015-01-30(Fri): How to Spend a Friday Night
2015-01-30(Fri): 'Wild' - Movie Review
2015-01-29(Thu): 'Broadchurch' TV, Fractured Review
2015-01-27(Tue): 'Wyrd Sisters' - Book Review
2015-01-25(Sun): 'A Birder's Guide to Everything' - Movie Review
2015-01-25(Sun): 'Odd Thomas' - Movie Review
2015-01-23(Fri): 'Sourcery' - Book Review
2015-01-17(Sat): "Big Hero 6" - Movie Review
2015-01-17(Sat): Your JavaScript Loop (oh the horror)
2015-01-17(Sat): "John Wick" - Movie Review
2015-01-12(Mon): Formalizing a Security Hole
2015-01-11(Sun): 'Finding Vivian Maier' - Movie Review
2015-01-09(Fri): "The Fountain" - Movie Review
2015-01-05(Mon): 'Ernest and Célestine' - Movie Review
2015-01-04(Sun): 'The Lunchbox' - Movie Review
2015-01-04(Sun): MetalEarth Dragonfly
2015-01-04(Sun): TP-Link AC1750 Archer C7 and OpenWRT
2015-01-03(Sat): 'Cool World' - Movie Review
2015-01-01(Thu): Pelican Pointers
2015-01-01(Thu): OpenWRT and opkg
2014-12-31(Wed): Undeleting Files Under Linux
2014-12-31(Wed): "Going Postal" - Movie Review
2014-12-30(Tue): AdaFruit 3.5" LCD for Raspberry Pi
2014-12-30(Tue): A Photo
2013-04-14(Sun): Tokyo and Toronto, Sunday 14 April
2013-04-13(Sat): Kyoto and Tokyo, Saturday 13 April
2013-04-12(Fri): Kyoto, Friday 12 April 2013
2013-04-11(Thu): Kyoto, Thursday 11 April
2013-04-10(Wed): Nara and Kyoto, Wednesday April 10
2013-04-09(Tue): Kyoto, Tuesday April 9
2013-04-08(Mon): Kyoto, Monday 8 April
2013-04-07(Sun): Kyoto 2013-04-07
2013-04-06(Sat): Kyoto 2013-04-06
2013-04-05(Fri): Tokyo Day 6
2013-04-04(Thu): Tokyo Day 5
2013-04-03(Wed): Tokyo Day 4
2013-04-02(Tue): Tokyo Day 3
2013-04-01(Mon): Tokyo Day 1 and 2
2006-04-24(Mon): Toronto, the Short Version ... and Goodbye
2006-04-24(Mon): Ladyboys
2006-04-23(Sun): Royal Billboards in Thailand
2006-04-22(Sat): The Ex-pat and His Woman
2006-04-21(Fri): Shopping in Bangkok
2006-04-20(Thu): Temple Steps
2006-04-19(Wed): Thailand, the short version
2006-04-18(Tue): Home
2006-04-17(Mon): Bicycle Vendors
2006-04-16(Sun): Return to the Grand Palace, Part II
2006-04-15(Sat): Return to the Grand Palace
2006-04-14(Fri): Land Mines
2006-04-13(Thu): Lotus Flower (Photo)
2006-04-12(Wed): Transportation, Always Entertaining
2006-04-11(Tue): Checkout
2006-04-10(Mon): Cambodia, the short version
2006-04-09(Sun): Fanta Ad (Photo)
2006-04-08(Sat): Winding Down
2006-04-07(Fri): Graffiti, Khorat (Photo)
2006-04-06(Thu): Phimai
2006-04-05(Wed): Cong Vien Van Hoa Park, HCMC, Vietnam - Sculpture 2 (Photo)
2006-04-05(Wed): Cong Vien Van Hoa Park, HCMC, Vietnam - Sculpture 1 (Photo)
2006-04-04(Tue): Tukalok, or Fruit Shakes
2006-04-03(Mon): Angkor Wat in Miniature
2006-04-02(Sun): Banteay Srei
2006-04-01(Sat): Thai Election - and trip winding down
2006-04-01(Sat): Angkor - Prasat Preah Khan
2006-04-01(Sat): Angkor, the Iconic Image
2006-03-31(Fri): The Faces of Bayon
2006-03-30(Thu): Siem Reap, rainstorm
2006-03-30(Thu): The Stairs at Angkor Wat
2006-03-29(Wed): Dragon Fruit
2006-03-28(Tue): Bokor Hill Station
2006-03-27(Mon): Laos, the short version
2006-03-26(Sun): Pretty Sunset Photos
2006-03-26(Sun): Myanmar, the short version
2006-03-25(Sat): Rice Boat, Chau Doc, Vietnam (Photo)
2006-03-25(Sat): Vietnam, the short version
2006-03-24(Fri): Iron House at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh
2006-03-23(Thu): After the Lunch Rush (Photo)
2006-03-22(Wed): The Killing Fields
2006-03-21(Tue): Psar Thmei
2006-03-20(Mon): Ice Delivery
2006-03-19(Sun): Elephant in Traffic
2006-03-18(Sat): The Transition
2006-03-17(Fri): Fisherman, Chau Doc area
2006-03-16(Thu): Jade Emperor Pagoda, HCMC
2006-03-15(Wed): The Cu Chi Tunnels
2006-03-14(Tue): Linh Phuoc Pagoda (Photo)
2006-03-13(Mon): Cao Dai Holy See
2006-03-13(Mon): Reunification Palace, Ho Chi Minh City (Photo)
2006-03-12(Sun): Sango Aquarium Cafe
2006-03-11(Sat): Giac Lam Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh City (Photo)
2006-03-10(Fri): Other Blogs
2006-03-09(Thu): The Cable Car Barn, Dalat (Photo)
2006-03-09(Thu): The Chicken Village
2006-03-08(Wed): Around Dalat
2006-03-07(Tue): Moto Driver Waiting for Work
2006-03-07(Tue): Nha Trang Floating Party
2006-03-06(Mon): Dalat's Crazy House
2006-03-05(Sun): Nha Trang Long Son Pagoda Seated Buddha (Photo)
2006-03-05(Sun): Dalat Cathedral Stained Glass
2006-03-04(Sat): Nha Trang
2006-03-03(Fri): Hoi An Chinese Temple Incense Spirals (Photo)
2006-03-03(Fri): Two Meals
2006-03-02(Thu): Serendipity Shipboard (Photo)
2006-03-01(Wed): Nha Trang Oceanography Institute
2006-02-28(Tue): Squid (Photo)
2006-02-28(Tue): In Praise of Expensive Books
2006-02-27(Mon): Nha Trang Building (Photo)
2006-02-26(Sun): The Colour of Hoi An
2006-02-25(Sat): Hoi An Lamps (Photo)
2006-02-25(Sat): Swallow's Nests
2006-02-24(Fri): The Emperor's Tombs
2006-02-23(Thu): Tam Coc
2006-02-23(Thu): The Fishbowl
2006-02-22(Wed): Dragon (Photo)
2006-02-22(Wed): Danang's Cao Dai Temple
2006-02-21(Tue): Imperial Enclosure Gate Decorations, Hué (Photo)
2006-02-21(Tue): Danang Cathedral, aka the 'Chicken Church'
2006-02-20(Mon): Notre Dame Cathedral Stained Glass, Hué (Photo)
2006-02-20(Mon): Rice
2006-02-19(Sun): Thien Mu Pagoda Bell (Photo)
2006-02-19(Sun): Cuc Phuong National Park, again
2006-02-18(Sat): Know Your Vietnamese Bandits
2006-02-18(Sat): Thien Mu Pagoda
2006-02-17(Fri): Bonsai (Photo)
2006-02-17(Fri): Phat Diem Part II
2006-02-16(Thu): Notre Dame Cathedral, Hué (Photo)
2006-02-16(Thu): Phat Diem
2006-02-15(Wed): The Street of Smiles, Hué (Photo)
2006-02-15(Wed): Limestone
2006-02-15(Wed): The Winter Olympics
2006-02-14(Tue): Cuc Phuong National Park
2006-02-12(Sun): Last of the Halong Photos
2006-02-11(Sat): Another from Halong (Photo)
2006-02-10(Fri): Old Quarter Market in Hanoi
2006-02-09(Thu): Halong Karst and Photo News
2006-02-08(Wed): Hug (Photo)
2006-02-07(Tue): Halong Cave
2006-02-06(Mon): Halong Bay
2006-02-05(Sun): Culinary Exploration
2006-02-04(Sat): Hoan Kiem Lake Reflections, Photo
2006-02-03(Fri): Scooter Abuse
2006-02-02(Thu): Temple near the Perfume Pagoda
2006-02-01(Wed): Perfume Pagoda, Photo 2
2006-01-31(Tue): Tet at Hoan Kiem Lake
2006-01-30(Mon): Perfume Pagoda, Photo 1
2006-01-29(Sun): Walking in Hanoi
2006-01-28(Sat): Tet
2006-01-27(Fri): The Guidebook of Choice
2006-01-26(Thu): DMZ, Vietnam, and the Vinh Moc Tunnels
2006-01-25(Wed): Backpacker Supplies
2006-01-24(Tue): Reminder of Myanmar
2006-01-23(Mon): Laos Route Final
2006-01-22(Sun): Eminem in Laos
2006-01-21(Sat): The Chicken Bus
2006-01-20(Fri): Wat Phu Champasak
2006-01-18(Wed): Coffee Plantation
2006-01-18(Wed): Tat Fan
2006-01-17(Tue): Preparing for Your Backpacking Adventure in Southeast Asia
2006-01-16(Mon): Remnants of War
2006-01-15(Sun): Buddhist Imagery
2006-01-14(Sat): My Addiction
2006-01-13(Fri): Soviet Tagging
2006-01-12(Thu): The Khammuan Limestone
2006-01-11(Wed): How to Identify a Canadian
2006-01-10(Tue): Lao Food
2006-01-09(Mon): Photos from Wat Ong Teu
2006-01-08(Sun): Pha That Luang
2006-01-08(Sun): Xieng Khuan, 'Buddha Park'
2006-01-07(Sat): Administrivia of Travelling
2006-01-07(Sat): Fractured Idol
2006-01-06(Fri): Nam Song at Sunset
2006-01-05(Thu): Vientiane and Patuxai
2006-01-04(Wed): Kayaking and Caving
2006-01-04(Wed): Laos Route and Plans
2006-01-03(Tue): Vang Vieng - the Good and the Bad
2006-01-02(Mon): The Ugly Americans
2006-01-01(Sun): The Plain of Jars
2005-12-31(Sat): Lao Fabrics
2005-12-30(Fri): Laos Currencies
2005-12-29(Thu): Lao-Lao
2005-12-28(Wed): Trumpeter at the Wat
2005-12-27(Tue): Kuang Si Waterfall
2005-12-26(Mon): Mekong Sunset, Pak Beng
2005-12-26(Mon): Pictures, Luang Prabang
2005-12-23(Fri): Down the Mekong River
2005-12-23(Fri): Doi Inthanon Flower
2005-12-22(Thu): Doi Inthanon, Wachirathan Waterfall
2005-12-21(Wed): Doi Inthanon Engrish Signage
2005-12-20(Tue): Inthanon Royal Project Research Station
2005-12-19(Mon): Monks in the Digital Age
2005-12-18(Sun): Business Card
2005-12-18(Sun): Chiang Mai Sunday Market
2005-12-17(Sat): Soap Flowers, Part 2
2005-12-17(Sat): Accommodations and Costs
2005-12-17(Sat): White Elephant Monument
2005-12-17(Sat): Wat Ku Tao
2005-12-16(Fri): Takraw
2005-12-15(Thu): Doi Suthep
2005-12-14(Wed): Abandoned
2005-12-13(Tue): The Naga
2005-12-13(Tue): Soap Flowers
2005-12-13(Tue): Worthy Engrish
2005-12-13(Tue): Myanmar - Gasoline
2005-12-12(Mon): Goldfish photo, Bangkok
2005-12-11(Sun): First Stomach Problem
2005-12-08(Thu): Cooking School (Chiang Mai)
2005-12-07(Wed): Muang Boran, 'Ancient City'
2005-12-07(Wed): Nyaungshwe, Myanmar
2005-12-06(Tue): Arrival in Chiang Mai and etc.
2005-12-05(Mon): Mandalay Hill
2005-12-02(Fri): Myanmar Currency
2005-12-02(Fri): Night street, Mandalay
2005-11-30(Wed): Yangon, 4:30 AM
2005-11-30(Wed): Bagan
2005-11-28(Mon): Meeting People
2005-11-28(Mon): Big Buddha Day
2005-11-27(Sun): Back in Yangon
2005-11-24(Thu): Bagan
2005-11-21(Mon): Routes
2005-11-21(Mon): Mandalay Fort and Palace
2005-11-20(Sun): Engrish
2005-11-19(Sat): A Couple More Photos
2005-11-19(Sat): Mingun Paya Photos
2005-11-19(Sat): Mandalay
2005-11-16(Wed): Line Ka
2005-11-15(Tue): Inle Lake
2005-11-15(Tue): Thanakha
2005-11-13(Sun): The Importance of Symbols
2005-11-13(Sun): Pretty Picture Post
2005-11-13(Sun): More Transportation Options: Motorcycles, Line-Kas, and Tri-shaws
2005-11-11(Fri): Balloons by Night over Taunggyi
2005-11-11(Fri): Balloons by Day at Taunggyi
2005-11-11(Fri): The Road to Taunggyi
2005-11-11(Fri): Taunggyi, Festival
2005-11-07(Mon): Picture of Shwedagon Paya
2005-11-07(Mon): Botataung Paya, departure for Taunggyi
2005-11-06(Sun): Bits and Pieces - Yangon
2005-11-04(Fri): Snacks, Yangon Style
2005-11-04(Fri): English Class in Yangon
2005-11-03(Thu): Everyone Wears Skirts
2005-11-03(Thu): In Myanamar
2005-10-31(Mon): Ordination of a Monk
2005-10-31(Mon): Spirit Houses
2005-10-29(Sat): The Royal Thai Air Force Museum
2005-10-29(Sat): Food
2005-10-27(Thu): King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX
2005-10-25(Tue): Buddha Images Everywhere
2005-10-24(Mon): Wat Arun
2005-10-24(Mon): Transportation Options
2005-10-23(Sun): The Monks Wear Orange
2005-10-20(Thu): Ronald McDonald Adapts to Thailand
2005-10-19(Wed): The Grand Palace
2005-10-18(Tue): Farang at last
2005-10-15(Sat): Imminent Departure
2005-10-13(Thu): Land of Donuts and Social Services
2005-10-11(Tue): Gross National Happiness
2005-10-07(Fri): Humour
2005-10-07(Fri): Ethnic Food Injection - and Ma Po Dofu Recipe
2005-10-06(Thu): Flight booked, bundle of updates
2005-10-03(Mon): Graffiti, the Toronto way
2005-10-03(Mon): Fall in Muskoka
2005-10-02(Sun): The Leslie Street Spit
2005-09-29(Thu): Toronto
2005-09-27(Tue): The Secretive Thai Embassy
2005-09-20(Tue): What does it mean?
2005-09-19(Mon): What I'll Miss in Milledgeville
2005-09-16(Fri): Strange Creatures in Foreign Places
2005-09-15(Thu): My life in boxes
2005-09-14(Wed): Twist ties and vinegar
2005-09-12(Mon): t-shirt tag from India
2005-09-10(Sat): Throwing Away Chunks of My Life
2005-09-04(Sun): Chinese Lesson
2005-09-02(Fri): The Flag gets axed
2005-09-01(Thu): Slow Progress
2005-08-31(Wed): Khmer Rouge
2005-08-30(Tue): Eating Salmonella
2005-08-29(Mon): Where am I going?
2005-08-29(Mon): Typhoid and Malaria
2005-08-29(Mon): One of my favourite photos
2005-08-29(Mon): Travel Blog starts ...