'Murder in Aquitaine' - Movie Review

Original French title: "Les enfants du secret." Another episode of the French TV series "Murder in ..."

The scene is set by a young archaeologist leading the press around a new display in the catacombs of a cathedral in Aquitaine. In the middle of the display is a well-dressed skeleton that isn't supposed to be there. Pierre Danrémont (Pierre-Yves Bon) takes the lead for the police, and spends a lot of time with the archaeologist, Sabrine Derrac (Lucie Lucas). Sabrine is distraught, because the jewelry on the skeleton has let her know immediately that this was her mother ... Pierre has to deal with his jealous fiancée who isn't happy with his interest in Sabrine, and his grumpy father who thinks Pierre should have followed him into the wine-making business ... and the whole incident gets tangled up with his family.

The "Murder In ..." series has been inconsistent. None of them great, some are bad, but occasionally one is quite good. And this falls into the latter category: it's wickedly twisty in a fascinating way, and at the end all the pieces click together with a loud "chunk" as you sit there going "holy shit ..." The opening credits make it clear that the area has at least one spectacular cathedral, but after an initial scene set in the catacomb of that cathedral, they really let down the end on the travel porn.

Pierre-Yves Bon also played the lead in "Murder in the Jura Mountains" - but he's a different character entirely (still police).