'Drunk Bus' - Movie Review

Michael (Charlie Tahan) is a former university student who drives the late night bus loop at an Ohio university. He's stuck in a rut after being dumped by his girlfriend. One night he's knocked unconscious by one of the riders, and the next night he finds he's been assigned a 300 lb. Samoan named Pineapple (played by Pineapple Tangaroa) as security on the bus. Pineapple's radically different outlook on life starts to have an effect on Michael.

I'm notorious among my friends as something of a prude about movie content. I'm not much bothered by blood and gore, but I don't like humiliating humour or awkward sex. I wasn't enthusiastic that this included masterbation and a couple thoroughly awkward sex scenes. But ... setting those aside, this is a charming film about getting damaged by life and starting to recover. (Rotten Tomatoes' summary refers to it as a "coming-of-age" story.)