Kim's Garden Restaurant (North York) - Review

I'm not in the restaurant review business - not because I have any problem with doing restaurant reviews, but because there are so many other sites already covering that territory - and better. But in this case the restaurant in question is brand new and probably in need of a push (although this will be a very, very small push - not many people read this).

The outside of Kim's Garden

Kim's Garden is on the northeast corner of Yonge and Elmwood, just across the street and south of Mel Lastman Square. Their predecessor - a purveyor of "Korean Street Food" - lasted a week and a half (although this suggests poor money management on the part of the owners rather than proof of a bad product). The place before that was Middle Eastern, and lasted 1.5-2 years. Its contribution to the space was to add a semi-enclosed patio - at street level, and still in sight (and sound) of Yonge Street.

Kim's Garden doesn't seem to know what they are: they have a small selection of options, but they cover Korea, Japan, China, and even the Middle East (they have Schwarma - see photo of the menu below). They also don't seem used to having customers: I loitered in the front for a couple minutes before someone came out to serve me. I chose the Rice Noodle with black bean sauce and Chicken: prep time was about five minutes, $10 with tax. You can eat it there although there isn't much seating (there's also the patio, which I didn't try), or you can take it with you - it seems everything is served in to-go boxes. It's a big serving. The rice noodles were very wide, and came with not only chicken, but also red peppers and broccoli. It was hot, delicious, and supremely satisfying. It was also very greasy: I should point out that's very common for this dish, but they're clearly not concerned about being "health conscious."

My food - after I'd already got to work on it, sorry about that.

I'll definitely be returning (assuming the curse on that corner doesn't close them down).

Kim's Garden menu

UPDATE: 2016-09-01: the signs are down and the place is being gutted. It looks like we'll have another restaurant shortly. R.I.P. Kim's Garden.