'Revenger' - Movie Review

'Revenger' is a Korean Netflix martial arts movie.

Apparently there's an island in the Pacific where all the worst of Asia's criminals are sent - from China, Korea, and ten more countries. Now a police officer has had himself sent to the island (how is never discussed as we start with his arrival on the beach) to kill the gangster who killed his wife and child. He easily defeats ten bad guys while still wearing the straight jacket and face mask he arrived in. He hooks up with a hidden and often comedic community of people who are simply trying to live their lives away from the same bad guy and his many evil and sadistic henchmen. (If they're Asia's worst criminals, their building a functional and almost family-like society is just a tad bit hard to believe.)

As silly as the plot and comedic interludes are, at least the movie has a plot: I tried to watch "The Night Comes for Us" on Netflix a while back and gave up in disgust. That movie consists entirely of an endless number of people being hacked to pieces (with huge amounts of blood) as they either defend or try to kill a little girl: that's it.

One of the most important things in a martial arts movie is the fight choreography: in this case it's fairly good, and the fights are shot in long takes (which is also good, because it means they're not editing out mistakes and you can see what's happening). It's a bad movie, but fans of the martial arts may find it enjoyable.