'Monster Seafood Wars' - Movie Review

This low budget Japanese movie asks the simple question: if Kaiju attacked and turned out to taste delicious, what would happen?

Deliberately styled on the 1950s and 1960s Kaiju movies, with people in rubber suits stomping around and terrible special effects. They could have done far better with special effects software on any modern PC - but that wasn't the look they were going for.

What I'm not getting is the (relative) critical acclaim: 77% (13 reviews ... an audience that small is self-selected) on Rotten Tomatoes. The dialogue is wooden (possibly intentionally), although there are several good jokes. I paused it at one point, and found myself with the following subtitle on screen: "You know Operation Seafood Bowl won't work without your vinegar cannons." Unfortunately a good part of the movie is bone-headed without offering entertainment value for the bone-headedness. So why the critical praise? It's mildly amusing, but it's not a masterwork of satire nor is it a dazzling tribute/homage.