'Murder in: Colmar' - Movie Review

Original title "Meurtres à Colmar." Unusually (I've seen quite a few of the "Murder in:" movies) the primary lead is a doctor (Pierre Arditi), come to Colmar a couple months after the death of his estranged police officer son. The second lead is the police officer (Garance Thénault) whose fiancée was killed in the same car accident, initially not interested in the assistance of the doctor who starts digging into three local deaths. The movie also follows the doctor connecting with the grandson he hadn't previously known.

I was with them right up until the end - I was thinking this was one of the best written and best performed of the lot. Until the true criminal was revealed and it was someone we'd never seen before (we knew of them, but it really doesn't work well when you pull someone out of a hat like that). In a crime drama, it's easy to nuke all the goodwill in the world through a poor solution to the mystery, and this one really caused some damage ...

As usual for the series, the video compression is too high and makes everything look a little too chunky. But dear lord the historic centre of Colmar is gorgeous - renaissance houses, cobbled streets, a canal or two ... What a sales pitch for the town.