'I Am Bruce Lee' - Movie Review

"I Am Bruce Lee" is only one of several movies that claims to tell us about the short life and astonishing legacy of Bruce Lee. I was quite fond of "Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story," a fictionalized account of much the same thing (although I haven't seen it in many years).

While this movie covers well trodden ground, it does a good job and brings a lot of interesting interviews to build up a good picture of the incredible effect the man had on both the movies and the martial arts. There was some debate among those interviewed about whether or not Lee was the father of the mixed martial arts, although no debate that he was influential. And no debate at all about Lee's influence on martial arts films - or millions of people's lives. I'm not sure the movie brings much in the way of new information about Bruce Lee's life to the table, but it assembles an interesting group of people to paint a fascinating portrait of the man. Too hagiographic, but still a very good film.