'Highlander: The Search for Vengeance' - Movie Review

The movie is done in very low rent anime - stills, pans across still shots, only one thing moving, repetition, that kind of stuff. It's written by David Abramowitz, who had a hand in some of the other "Highlander" properties. It opens in the year 2187, with Colin MacLeod (oh those MacLeod boys) visiting a post-apocalyptic New York City (or maybe he only went to NYC later - I didn't find that terribly clear). Before the opening credits roll (admittedly several minutes in) he's disposed of one immortal, while making it clear that the person he killed wasn't the one he was looking for. We find out that there's an incredibly deadly virus working its way through NY, and the only way to get the cure is to join the very authoritarian above-ground society. Colin helps the freedom-loving sewer-dwellers, but only because it's convenient to him and he wants to get at Marcus, the leader of authoritarian society - who we find out in flashbacks is someone he's hated and been trying to kill for 2000 years. In fact, that's been his entire life: hunting this guy down, and getting his ass handed to him every time he catches Marcus. In the mean time, he's developed (or found) the spirit of a druid who hangs around him and acts as what's left of his conscience by talking to him at inconvenient times. So the movie is kind of about him finding purpose, but it's a damn long time in coming. I found it mildly enjoyable as a fan of the original movie, but it's not particularly good.