'Crazyhead' Season 1 - TV Review

We first meet Amy (Cara Theobold) as she tries to get off the psychiatric drugs she's on. She was put on them because she occasionally saw people with deformed faces. As the drugs ease up, the "hallucinations" return - but an encounter with another young woman Raquel (Susan Wokoma) who sees the same things convinces her that she may not be crazy. In fact, Raquel eventually convinces her that these people are demons and should be killed.

Raquel is blazingly awkward, leading to a fair number of cringeworthy jokes. And her awkwardness rubs off on Amy to some extent (or may already have been there). It's "horror comedy," so there's a lot of humour, but there are also a few deaths of friends they didn't want to lose.

The series is six episodes of 45 minutes each. It was clearly set up to continue, but - despite good reviews and some minor awards, the series was cancelled. Happily, while there are some dangling details, the series does mostly wrap up.

The series made the deliberate choice to simply ignore the existence of police. They kill multiple people, including ones they had a direct association with, and there are never investigations or questions of any kind - they just walk away. Although they did bury one person in the woods - apparently more for a plot point than anything else.

The awkward humour put me off, but there was enough non-cringey humour and action to keep me watching through the series' short run. I wouldn't particularly recommend it, but fans of horror-comedy may enjoy it.