'Thor: Love and Thunder' - Movie Review

While I understand that between losing Jane Foster (we're given a quick summary of what happened there as an intro to the movie) and turning into Bro-Thor after losing to Thanos, Thor has been through a lot in the last decade. But according to this movie, he's lost approximately 50 IQ points and an equal number of EQ (Emotional Quotient) points. I mean ... the guy who walks onto the screen at the beginning of this one is an all caps MORON. This is meant to allow both comedy and growth, but every previous solo Thor movie has been about this thousands-of-years-old nearly indestructible god growing emotionally ... and he gets reset at the beginning of every one. It's abusive of their character and insulting to their viewers.

That said, Taika Waititi does manage to bring the humour (although not as much as in the last outing) and Gorr The God Butcher (who was apparently named after me, "Giles ORR" - played here by Christian Bale) is at least a mildly interesting antagonist.

SPOILER ALERT: stop reading if you haven't seen this, and this also spoils Multiverse of Madness"! Here's the thing though: both Gorr and the Scarlet Witch get nearly identical redemption-in-death finales. Is this what we can expect from Marvel from now on? Justified villains who create a massive swath of destruction and then in their last moments do something that somehow redeems them?