'Ghosts' Season 2 (BBC) - TV Review

The first season of "Ghosts" (there are many things called this, but this one was broadcast by the BBC) came out in 2019. The premise is simple: a young couple inherit a large, crumbling British house, and because of their financial situation, have little choice but to move in and attempt to make it work - despite the fact that the place is haunted. During the first season (and through the actions of the ghosts), the wife dies for a short time and after her revival is able to see and hear the ghosts. I joined the series in this, the second season.

Wikipedia calls this a "sitcom." It's a throwback to the sitcoms of the 1980s: barely any continuity from episode to episode, incredibly broadly drawn characters, everybody learns a lesson during the course of an episode. The heavy-handedness of the personalities considerably reduced the humour for me. It's sweet and mildly amusing, but I very much doubt I'll bother to track down any more of the series.