'Kung Fu Yoga' - Movie Review

Continues Jackie Chan's obsessions with: cars, high tech gadgets, archeology, traveling all over the world, repatriation of archaeological treasures, and - while his lifelong obsession with institutionalizing sexism has been somewhat toned down - he's still sexualizing women because he can and he makes the movies. The movie also uses significant amounts of CG that it seems to think are indistinguishable from reality.

This movie starts with a history/legend of a China-India connection, a story of a great treasure lost between the two countries. Jackie (whose character's name is "Jack Chan") is - once again - a world-famous archaeologist. Along with an Indian archaeologist, a couple of teaching assistants from both countries, and the son of an old friend of his (who is a treasure hunter, another very common trope in Jackie's movies) who happens to be a good martial artist, they get tangled up with a rich and evil man who wants all the gold.

There's bloodless martial arts, lots of talk, pretty scenes in China and India, a lot of things covered in gold leaf, and way too much moralizing. Sort of like a Disney teamed up with Discovery Channel to make a straight-to-DVD movie with a bit more martial arts than usual.