'Love is All You Need' - Movie Review

Our two main characters are Ida (Trine Dyrholm) who just finished treatments for breast cancer only to find out her husband is having an affair with his young accountant, and Philip (Pierce Brosnan), a widowed, successful fruit and vegetable import/export guy. They're thrown together as their children (her daughter Astrid - Molly Blixt Egelind - and his son Patrick - Sebastian Jessen) are getting married on Philip's gorgeous estate in Italy.

It's a rom com, and it draws its humour from overblown characters and the comedy of everything that can go wrong going very wrong. It's hard to find much good to say about the movie: it's so clich├ęd and heavy-handed that much of it is flat-out painful. And to add insult to injury, the soundtrack includes FIVE renditions of the world's cheesiest dumbass comedy love song, "That's Amore." The acting is surprisingly good given that that plot and characters are an appalling mess.

As an example of the poor structure of the film, the wedding disintegrates - and both of the intendeds are psychological messes that their parents should (and from previous behaviour in the movie, would) attend to. But instead - exit traumatized children, stage left. That's it, you've served your comedic purpose, we don't care anymore.

Give this one a miss.