'Ron's Gone Wrong' - Movie Review

The setup for "Ron's Gone Wrong" is ... let's call it "Pattern A" as it is the most common layout for a kids movie in existence. Barney Pudowski is a good but lonely kid, reasonably intelligent, with a weird but loving family that doesn't fully understand him. He is alienated and bullied at school.

Stop me if you've heard this before.

Now we have a very slight twist on another extremely common element: a fictional company called "Bubble" releases the "B-Bot," a new companion robot for kids. But let's get back to formula. Everyone gets one ... except Barney. His father, seeing how much it means to him, acquires a B-Bot. Except because there were none left, he gets one that's broken. It does weird things, and Barney's life is made both worse and better.

All that said, kids of course won't be familiar with all the previous movies that followed this pattern. I suspect they'll find it a lot of fun. And even I found it somewhat amusing, although I was surprised at how similar to "Onward" it felt - another heavily patterned and not-great-not-terrible animated kids movie.