'Battle of the Damned' - Movie Review

The premise is simple: some southeast Asian city (filmed somewhere in Malaysia, although the country was never named in the movie) has been over-run by zombies as a result of a wayward biological experiment. The city is blockaded - no one in or out. Major Max Gatling and a team are sent in to retrieve the daughter of the man whose company was responsible for the biological fuck-up. They have to fight fast zombies and rescue survivors, and eventually there are robots too (the trailer features them prominently).

The biggest problem of course is the budget: this is a B-movie with Lundgren and a bunch of no-name actors. Lundgren is now firmly established as a B-movie actor, and getting up there in years (54 or 55 when they were filming this in 2012-3). The acting sucks, the dialogue sucks, the action has spectacularly choppy editing, and the robots are obviously primarily CG (although not as bad as I would have expected).

A couple minor notes: poor old Dolph seems to have seriously messed up his knees somewhere along the line. The scenes where they're running from the zombies have Dolph more "hobbling" than "running," which is a bit problematic with "fast zombies." A very minor plus: I haven't watched many zombie shows, but the survivor dynamics did feel at least a little different than most.