'Murder in Le Havre' - Movie Review

Intro to the "Murder in ..." series here.

The original French title of this movie was "Les fantômes du Havre." Le Havre is a mid-sized port town (population 170,000) in Normandy, facing the U.K. This time, a mummified young woman is found in the walls of an apartment under renovation, and digging into the murder that left her there stirs up old problems. Our investigating team is family man Gaspard Lesage (Frédéric Diefenthal) and his newly arrived boss Ariane Sallès (Barbara Cabrita) who tries hard to avoid using the local professor/coroner (Nicolas Marié) who turns out to be her estranged father.

This being the "Murder in ..." series, I need to talk about the pretty scenery or lack thereof. There are a couple nice scenic shots, but for the most part Le Havre looks like any other port town. This is one of the least effective of the series in selling its destination as a place I want to visit. A decent mystery story but not much of a sales pitch for Le Havre.