Slow Progress

A few boxes have been packed. The living room has been ransacked and re-arranged so I can sell some stuff that was under some other stuff (desk, shelves). The car is on the market. I have too many computers (nine? not sure - a couple will be junked). Not a damn one of them worth stealing. Another salmonella pill consumed. Drug prices confirmed (ack! Malarone is EXPENSIVE, I guess it's mefloquine for me ...). Flight to Toronto booked. Lots of lunches planned with friends before I go. Who knew? I might actually miss this place - or at least the people.

The folks at the library got me a gift certificate to ThinkGeek, and my toys arrived yesterday. I've really be enjoying them. I got a KillAWatt and a Griffin Powermate, both of which I've really been enjoying. The Powermate in particular has assumed its glowing blue place on my desktop, and is really handy for controlling my music without having to locate the application that's making the noise. It was originally intended for Macs, and apparently works best with them (I'm using it with Linux), so I'd highly recommend this to any Mac users. And everyone in general. Pretty expensive for a knob, but it's a really great knob. :-)