'Murder on Reunion Island' - Movie Review

Intro to the "Murder in ..." series here.

The French title of this movie is "La Mal├ędiction du Volcan," and it's set - as you might expect from the English title - on Reunion Island. If (like me) you don't know where that is, looking it up is interesting as it's a very long way from France - off the east coast of Africa near Madagascar. It's a very pretty place and makes a nice setting for our story (although again, I'd like to complain to the makers of the DVD that overdoing the compression makes their pretty scenery kind of blocky).

One pattern becoming clear with the "Murder in ..." series is that the main characters (other than the murderers) learn something and become better people. That's been consistent across the four I've seen.

But the characters were fun in this one, even if their story arcs were somewhat obvious. There are two cops this time - Juliette Gentil (Catherine Jacob) who's been a cop on the island for years, and the young and recently graduated Zaccharia Bellême (Ambroise Michel) just sent over from France who, much to the annoyance of Juliette, takes lead on the investigation. Again, a passable if not outstanding murder mystery with lovely scenery.