Toronto the Multicultural

I love my food and drink. And I love my city.

Disclaimer: none of the businesses mentioned below are aware (as I write - maybe they'll find out eventually) that I've mentioned them. They certainly haven't paid me for this - I just like them.

The food and drink I consumed today show what an incredibly culturally diverse city Toronto is (and the world as a whole, but finding all of these in one city is impressive). I had a Montreal-style bagel (I prefer Bagel House, but St. Urbain is excellent too) for breakfast, with Costa Rican Terrazu coffee (available many places, but Beanwise is very good). I had Chinese bakery buns for lunch (Lucullus). In the afternoon I drank Makgeolli (Kim's Winery - they claim to be the only commercial makgeolli maker in Ontario, and I think that's probably true) while making "Macau African Chicken" (as authentic as I can make it, a dubious measure at best). Macau "African Chicken" is itself a wild hybrid dish, a version of an African chicken recipe that originated in a Portuguese enclave in the middle of China, and uses spices and ingredients from every one of those places (paprika, peanut butter, Chinese five spice).