'Murder on Belle-Ile' - Movie Review

Intro to the "Murder in ..." series here. The French title of this one is "Meurtres à Belle-Île."

The last of the "Murder in ..." set of six I got from the library. Belle-Ile is an island off the coast of Normandy, where a man is found, dead - tied to a menhir. Good start for the travel-porn-and-murder series, and this one milks everything it can get out of the island: they must have visited every possible tourist site on the island in the service of the plot. And I have no complaints.

The two cops investigating are Marine Lamblin (Charlotte de Turckheim), the island's head of police, and Thomas Keller (Nicolas Gob) who's been brought into the island to assist. In classic "Murder in ..." style, they don't initially get along and must discover each other's strengths. And they help each other out a bit in their personal lives as well. It's a pattern in these movies. The movie is as usual passable, and the scenery is particularly lovely.