'A Bug's Life' - Movie Review

"A Bug's Life" is the second Pixar movie after their ground-breaking entry into the world of animation, "Toy Story." The movie focuses on Flik (voiced by Dave Foley), who's an ant and an inventor in an ant colony that doesn't appreciate innovation. In an effort to limit the damage he causes the hive, the ruling ants send him away on a mission hoping he'll never return. And so he sets out to find warrior bugs to fight off the invading grasshoppers. What he finds instead are a bunch of circus bugs who he recruits, having mistaken them for fighters. He takes them back to his colony and comedy ensues.

It's an adventure story, it's colourful, it's fun, and it's funny. I would argue that it's actually one of Pixar's lesser properties, having little of the emotional heft of the "Toy Story" series or the underlying adult themes of "The Incredibles."