'Nine Days' - Movie Review

We first meet Will (Winston Duke), who lives a quiet life with a lot of TVs in an isolated house. We meet his friend Kyo (Benedict Wong), and find out first that these are people's lives they're watching, and then that Will will be selecting from several souls (that we see as people) for one to be born. But Will is having a hard time since the death of one of his previous selectees.

The movie is just ... people talking, and sometimes watching video footage. Will asks a lot of questions and sets strange tasks for these people.

I watched this with a friend, and we both liked it - with one complaint. Benedict Wong is British, but is perhaps best known for his role in the "Doctor Strange" movies - in which he speaks with a fairly flat American accent. He was born in Manchester, but whatever accent he was aiming for in this movie ... it wasn't Mancunian. It also wasn't very consistent, and both of us noticed this and were bothered by it. Why didn't they just let him use his natural accent? Or even an American one, which he can do reasonably well and would have been more consistent with the rest of the cast?

Aside from the minor trouble with Kyo's accent (which most people outside the UK may not even notice?), this is a really lovely film that makes you think about what makes life worth living, and what we should do with our time.

I found a connection from Will's "creation of moments" and the whole before- and after-life thing to Kore-eda's "After Life," a gentle film about souls being questioned, and thinking about their lives after death.