'Flavors of Youth' - Movie Review

The movie is a Chinese/Japanese co-production Anime anthology, three short movies assembled together.

"Hidamari no Choshoku (The Rice Noodles)" is about a man remembering the delicious rice noodles he used to eat with his grandmother when he was young. "Chiisana Fashion Show (A Little Fashion Show)" is about a fashion model whose fear of aging out of her profession is ruining her relationships and her life. And "Shanghai Koi (Love in Shanghai)" is about the profound effects of decisions, particularly ones not discussed with the people you thought you were making them for ...

It's a little strange to film a movie in (animated) Chinese cities about Chinese characters ... in spoken Japanese. There's an English dub (which I listened to) but Netflix doesn't even provide a Chinese dub!

This is slow and contemplative Anime. The first and third are about people looking back on their youth, but I'd say this is aimed mostly at adults. Nothing big or exciting happens: people just look at their lives. But "contemplative" is a good thing, and beautifully used, particularly in the first segment. Some of the artwork is quite lovely too (again, I favoured the first section).