Toronto Public Library's 'Curbside Pickup'

Full disclosure: yes, I work for Toronto Public Library. But I'm not writing this as an employee: the library doesn't know I'm writing this and isn't paying me for it.

Toronto Public Library has recently started offering "Curbside Pickup." This allows users to pick up holds they've placed at about 2/3rds of library branches. The process itself isn't terribly exciting: you walk up, show your library card, and are given the paper bag (yay for being environmentally friendly) that awaits you.

What is exciting is having a massive source of movies available when I feel like I've exhausted Netflix - including an unparallelled collection of foreign films. Having access to a huge collection of programming books when I have the time to educate myself about various programming languages. Having access to more fiction books than I can imagine in a time when they're most needed.

Last night I watched "I Know Where I'm Going!" and "Toy Story 4" courtesy of TPL. And I'll soon be watching the second season of the brilliant TV show "Counterpart" from the same source.

Working for TPL is like any job, there are highs and lows - although I do mostly enjoy my job. But as a service (a free service), they're one of the best things this city has to offer.