'Kung Fu Killer' - Movie Review

Also known as "Kung Fu Jungle."

Donnie Yen plays Hahou Mo, a now-jailed martial arts instructor. The police visit him after someone starts killing martial arts experts, and Hahou Mo convinces them to let him out because he knows so much about the case. The killer is soon revealed to be Fung Yu-Sau (Wang Baoqiang), but catching him wasn't as easy as figuring out who he was ... Much fighting and violence follows.

Yen is a notch above most movie martial artists as an actor. Not good, but better than his peers (and more charismatic). The fights (and they're why we watch martial arts films) are fairly good, but it's clear that the actors are wired up. I don't mind that in the movies in which martial artists are essentially magical and can fly, but after years of watching Jackie Chan (who they thanked in the credits, as well as showing a small clip from "The Drunken Master") I've come to expect the best martial arts movies to not use wires unless there's flying involved. There was no flying here, but apparently the martial artists needed wires to stay balanced and achieve some of their moves. Too bad.