'Little Monsters' - Movie Review

Dave (played by Alexander England) is a musician without a band, and a break-up with his girlfriend forces him to go live with her sister and her five year old(?) son Felix (Diesel La Torraca). He does pretty much everything imaginable around the kid that you shouldn't (mostly foul language, with lots of details, but also violent video games) and pays no attention to Felix's multiple food allergies - inevitably endangering his nephew's life. In pursuit of the hot kindergarten teacher Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong'o), he "assists" on a class field trip. At a fun-farm they cross paths with the sex- and alcohol-addicted childrens personality, Mr. McGiggle (Josh Gad) when a zombie infestation comes to town. Miss Caroline plays her ukulele and sings songs and does everything in her power to convince the kids it's all a game.

I had three major problems with the film: first, I really wasn't into the humour. Second, Dave's complete personality change during the course of the movie was unbelievable. Third: too much ukulele. It's one of the planet's most objectionable instruments (beaten perhaps by the bagpipes), and it's centre stage here. I usually like horror comedy, but this one was not for me.