Botataung Paya, departure for Taunggyi

a Buddhist monk in an orange robe looking out between mirror-tiled columns

This picture was taken at Botataung Paya. The pool the monk is looking at is full of turtles - a good reminder of Buddhist practice as they never rush, not even when people buy turtle food from the vendor and dump it in the pool. The turtles were a welcome relief from the huge selection of Buddha images ... Do I sound jaded? In this one regard, perhaps.

My departure for Taunggyi (pronounced "Tonjy," more or less) was delayed because I couldn't get a ticket for today. I leave tomorrow, and paid the remarkably high fee of $16US for what sounds like an 18 hour ride (leaving at noon) which will also stop in Mandalay on the way there. Should be quite an adventure!

Update: the bus didn't go by way of Mandalay, it went direct to Taunggyi.