Veletržní palác

The Veletržní palác (Trade Fair Palace) is (I think) a part of the Czech National Art Gallery. The materials in it are 19th, 20th and 21st century, mostly but not exclusively Czech. When you walk in, you see a six or seven floor atrium and think "wow, this is huge - but I've got a handle on it." No, you haven't: several of the floors have doors into another building that's also part of the gallery. The place is smaller than the Louvre, but larger than any other gallery I've ever been in. It's also better than any other gallery I've ever seen - again, excepting the Louvre. It's a brilliant place. My photos are of course of materials I liked (yes, I'm a fan of František Kupka): they're not great as I wasn't allowed a tripod. Mostly shot hand-held at 200 ASA and 1/25th of a second. But I thought it was worth showing some of this world class art gallery - especially since they did allow photography.

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Image Veletrzni.20110422.6409.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 291131 b
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Image Veletrzni.20110422.6307.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 328474 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6308.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 385993 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6309.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 252578 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6373.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 430984 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6430.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 201126 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6436.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 353124 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6272.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 357595 b
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Image Veletrzni.20110422.6370.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 178822 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6376.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 155776 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6390.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 182820 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6399.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 161797 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6428.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 338522 b
Image Veletrzni.20110422.6457.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 127375 b
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