Gaspésie Beers

Combine a librarian's personality, OCD, a trip to the Gaspésie peninsula, and an upcoming tasting party, and what do you have? An index of the beers I brought back! They aren't all from Gaspésie, although they're all from Quebec. IBU is included when available. Tasting notes will be added as my friends and I work through the supply. You'll notice an inclination to darker beers, and a total lack of White beers.

Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350696.html, size 248877 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350697.html, size 235314 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350698.html, size 259958 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350699.html, size 247652 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350700.html, size 240733 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350701.html, size 243343 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350702.html, size 240645 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350703.html, size 254444 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350704.html, size 247656 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350705.html, size 242184 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350706.html, size 231193 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350707.html, size 262499 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350708.html, size 244654 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350709.html, size 255921 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350710.html, size 263377 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350711.html, size 243045 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350712.html, size 245718 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350713.html, size 232108 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350715.html, size 254629 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350716.html, size 246831 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350717.html, size 245745 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350718.html, size 214797 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350719.html, size 240062 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350720.html, size 241624 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350721.html, size 236940 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350722.html, size 239385 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350723.html, size 253666 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350724.html, size 246498 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350725.html, size 252477 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350726.html, size 231268 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350727.html, size 287783 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350731.html, size 236990 b
Image GaspesieBeers.RP1350732.html, size 249310 b 
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