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Dinner in Les Andelys at Hotel de Paris. Our high energy hostess brought us the dinner menu at our table on a 4'6" foot high and 2 foot wide chalk board. Not that we had a choice in what we ate. But she was about 5'0", and this chalk board was very nearly her size as she toted it about the restaurant from table to table. The meal was superb, starting with three amuse bouches: pate on toast with edible flower, a slice of egg on toast with spicy mayo, and a mushroom pate on puff pastry. That was followed by some form of lentil soup - very green, lots of butter in it, edible flowers on top. The main course was duck with mushroom (so good!), sides of mushrooms, peas with lardons (bacon), and fried potatoes (but so much better than that sounds). Dessert was strawberry mousse cake with raspberry syrup, a brandy-snap-type cookie, and a candied fruit ice cream.

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