Firenze 2016 No Entry Signs

An artist, or group of artists, modified street signs across Firenze. From my trip to Firenze.

Image firenze2016signs.20160515.0915.GO.FZ1000.html, size 93155 b
Image firenze2016signs.20160517.0621.GO.FZ1000.html, size 354921 b
Image firenze2016signs.20160520.0583.GO.FZ1000.html, size 574516 b
Image firenze2016signs.20160521.0890.GO.FZ1000.html, size 586271 b
Image firenze2016signs.20160521.0950.GO.FZ1000.html, size 324924 b
Image firenze2016signs.20160522.0995.GO.FZ1000.html, size 465815 b 
by giles