May 2019 Photo Gallery

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One photo from earlier this month, plus Doors Open 2019. I went to the Don Jail (now the Bridgepoint Health Administration Building!), and the Canadian Forces College Armour Heights campus.

Image 201905.20190521.0011.GO.iphonexr.html, size 342868 b
Image 201905.20190525.0020.GO.iphonexr.html, size 641662 b
Image 201905.20190525.0031.GO.iphonexr.html, size 192774 b
Image 201905.20190525.0053.GO.iphonexr.html, size 171173 b
Image 201905.20190525.0046.GO.iphonexr.html, size 166704 b
Image 201905.20190525.0028.GO.iphonexr.html, size 406689 b
Image 201905.20190525.0054.GO.iphonexr.html, size 256696 b
Image 201905.20190525.0056.GO.iphonexr.html, size 331546 b
Image 201905.20190526.1400731.GO.FZ1000.html, size 544862 b
Image 201905.20190526.1400733.GO.FZ1000.html, size 737352 b
Image 201905.20190526.1400741.GO.FZ1000.html, size 865846 b
Image 201905.20190526.0063.GO.iphonexr.html, size 371279 b
Image 201905.20190526.0070.GO.iphonexr.html, size 515810 b 
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