May 2016 Photo Gallery

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I haven't picked up a camera in a while, and it kind of shows. Mostly, this is testing my new Panasonic FX1000, which is a big improvement on the Canon SX10IS (which wasn't a bad camera by any means).

Image 201605.20160501.0277.GO.CanonSX150.html, size 219468 b
Image 201605.20160501.0281.GO.CanonSX150.html, size 46439 b
Image 201605.20160502.0024.GO.PanaFX1000.html, size 92162 b
Image 201605.20160502.0035.GO.PanaFX1000.html, size 152025 b
Image 201605.20160502.0052.GO.PanaFX1000.html, size 176328 b
Image 201605.20160502.0069.GO.PanaFX1000.html, size 70931 b 
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