July 2011 Image Gallery

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Photos this month are from an Asus EeePad Transformer tablet, and the only slightly better Olympus FE26 camera. There are a few shots from a weekend in Kingston (Ontario).

Image 201107.IMG_20110706_093712.html, size 167658 b
Image 201107.IMG_20110725_152420.html, size 136259 b
Image 201107.IMG_20110725_152721.html, size 263742 b
Image 201107.IMG_20110723_190718.html, size 164661 b
Image 201107.IMG_20110625_195915.html, size 163192 b
Image 201107.IMG_20110625_201116.html, size 164994 b
Image 201107.20110729.0127.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 268428 b
Image 201107.20110628.0005.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 333346 b
Image 201107.20110717.0040.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 490441 b
Image 201107.20110715.0019.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 431565 b
Image 201107.20110717.0022.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 402210 b
Image 201107.20110717.0030.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 329021 b
Image 201107.20110729.0134.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 534931 b
Image 201107.20110729.0110.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 246339 b
Image 201107.20110729.0130.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 337065 b
Image 201107.20110729.0119.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 451839 b
Image 201107.20110729.0122.GO.OlympusFE26.html, size 483985 b

by giles