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All the countries I've visited prior to Vietnam (Thailand, Myanmar, Laos) have been almost exclusively Buddhist. Vietnam has several other active religions as well, including Confucianism and Taoism (from the Chinese), Cao Dai (a relatively recent local group), and Catholism (missionaries). Our guide on the trip to the Perfume Pagoda wasn't as helpful as we might have hoped, so, while I know the Perfume Pagoda itself is Buddhist, I'm not sure about the nearby temple at which I took these photos. I believe it's a Buddhist temple. [I've been meaning for months to re-edit this photo, it's too light. But I haven't got to it yet.]

Image 20060130-HanoiPerfumePagodaTempleCarvings.web.jpg, size 93135 b
Image #20060130-HanoiPerfumePagodaTempleCarvings
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