Web Page Picture Gallery Generator

Everybody and their brother has written a Picture Gallery generator. I wrote my own for the same reason they did: none of the others did exactly what I wanted them to.

What it does is take a bunch of JPG or TIF files that I've previously cropped and generate two images from each; a <file>.web.jpg with max size (configurable) of 900x700, and a <file>.thumb.jpg with a max size (configurable) of 200x100. It creates a web page to wrap around each of the images and then creates an index page of thumbnails, each of which is linked to the appropriate HTML page. Look anywhere on my site that there are images: I use it daily.

The HTML it generates is a couple years out of date. Fixing that should be easy, even if you're not much of a Bash person.

It requires the ImageMagick suite of image utilities - they come standard on most Linux distros these days.

The code is here.

picseq calls "j2h," which takes a JPG and wraps it in HTML. That code is here. "j2h" also generates old HTML.

by giles