1.2. Revision History

Revision History
Revision v0.992009-08-03
Many further improvements, not much specific. Need to publish for testing.
Revision v0.982009-07-29
A multitude of untracked changes ... almost all updates and corrections, very few additions.
Revision v0.972007-10-20
This is a half baked release to be posted to my website only. Added Laptop ACPI - needs editing.
Revision v0.962007-10-15
"Colours and Cursor Movement" section revised. Continuing with cleanup of the entire document.
Revision v0.952007-10-14
Updating and editorial cleanup through "Cursor Movement" section.
Revision v0.942007-10-14
Added "parent process/script" snippet.
Revision v0.932003-11-06
Removal of very outdated "Translations" section.
Revision v0.922003-11-06
Added section on line draw in RXVT.
Revision v0.912002-01-31
Fixed text and code to "Total Bytes" snippet.
Revision v0.902001-08-24
Added section on screen and Xterm titlebars.
Revision v0.892001-08-20
Added clockt example, several example images added, improved laptop power code, minor tweaks.
Revision v0.852001-07-31
Major revisions, plus change from Linuxdoc to DocBook.
Revision v0.761999-12-31
Revision v0.601998-01-07
Initial public release?