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Rosslyn Chapel is on the outskirts of Edinburgh, in the small town of Roslin. It's accessible by public transit. The entire building was under an ungainly looking secondary roof because the actual roof was waterlogged, and they were trying to dry it out. The secondary roof was expected to stay on until 2005. It wasn't pretty, but it made for some interesting photographs.

The internal stonework is what really brought Rosslyn Chapel to fame. There's a pillar in one corner that was carved by the apprentice stone mason in the absence of the master. On his return, the master looked at the column and killed the apprentice, presumably from jealousy. That's the story, anyway. And the "Prentice Pillar" is indeed beautiful.

The lighting inside wasn't very camera-friendly: mostly stand-lamps pointed upwards. Not only does this give an extremely warm (orange) colour to the pictures, it also gives very uneven lighting. Church lighting is never good, but this was worse than usual.

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