India 2001 - Travelers

Nearly all of the members of the 2001 India Faculty Development Seminar got together April 7th 2001 at Marc Gilbert's house. I took photos of everyone, and promised to post them to the web. For those of you who are unhappy with the picture of you, my apologies: since I took only one photo of each person, I thought it best to post them even if they weren't flattering, so we'd all have a reference.

Photos are all links to larger versions of the same image. All photos ©2001 Giles Orr.

Farley Richmond

Marc Gilbert

Phil Gibbs

Roxanne Farrar

Bill Spellman

James Engstrom

James Bogert

Robert Carlile

Ruth Carter

Carol Barnum

Barbara Fertig

Marilyn Otroszko

Gary Gibbs

Catherine Chastain

Doug Walker

Fred Ganoe

Giles Orr

Janet Towslee

Julia Matthews

Nurudeen Akinyemi

Harvey Charles

Rich Dunham

Cindy Ho

Bettye Walsh

The Roommate List (4 May)

1. Marc Gilbert / Farley Richmond
2. Nuru Akinyemi / James Engstrom
3. Giles Orr / Doug Walker
4. Bill Spellman / Bob Carlile
5. Fred Ganoe / Phillip Gibbs
6. Harvey Charles / Gary Gibbs
7. James Bogert / Rick Dunham
8. Carol Barnum / Cindy Ho
9. Jan Towslee / Marilyn Otroszko
10. Barbara Fertig / Roxanne Farrar
11. Catherine Chastain / Bettye Walsh
12. Julia Matthews / Ruth Carter 
by giles