Pan Chakki

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A 17th century water mill that takes its name from the mill which used to grind grain for the pilgrims and disciples of saints as well as for troops of the garrison. A mountain spring about eight kilometres away is the water source for running the mill; a maze of underground earthen pipes cleverly channelled the water to feed elevated masonry tanks; when full, these would siphon out in the form of a perennial waterfall moving the blades of the grinding wheel. Underneath the reservoir of Panchakki there are spacious, cool chambers which are used during summer by pilgrims. The water distribution system built in 1695 is a marvel of hydrology and was the engineering feat of Malik Ambar, architect of Aurangabad city. In 1624 as Sufi saint, a spiritual guide to Emperor Aurangzeb, was buried here. The gardens with its several fish tanks serve as his memorial. 
by giles