The Essence of India

The flight to India is 24 hours and gruelling. Don't drink the water. There really are cows in the streets. There are a lot of people. It's very, very hot in May. Moisture-wicking clothing is a good thing. Most people we dealt with spoke English, but the cabbys didn't. The vendors see white skin as an opportunity to double their price, but you can usually barter. The beggars are extremely persistent. The people from the colleges we worked with were wonderful. Most of us got sick at one point or another, even the experienced travellers. Lariam causes interesting dreams. The temples and caves and landmarks are awe-inspiring (and I'm not easily awed). Wear sunscreen and insect repellant every day, and always take bottled water. The Taj Mahal is more beautiful than you can imagine. I would recommend it to anyone, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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by giles