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Welcome to the (now closed) blog of my six month trip through southeast Asia, ending April 2006. One of the best things I've ever done in my life. As with all blogs, entries are posted most recent at the top, and there's no easy way to invert that if you want to read from the beginning. Go to the Archives, load a month, and work from the bottom of the page to the top. If you're doing that and you don't want to read pre-trip jitters and preparation, jump straight to October 17th when I first flew to Bangkok. If you want to see just the pictures, take a look at my slideshows. Theoretically all images in the slideshows are scaled to fit your screen. Unfortunately, this works in Firefox but usually doesn't work in Internet Explorer - but you can see the pictures just fine either way.

August 29 - September 19: Milledgeville, Georgia
September 20 - October 15: Toronto, Ontario
October 18 - October 31: Bangkok, Thailand
November 3 - December 6: Myanmar
December 6 - December 23: Thailand, mostly Chiang Mai
December 23 - January 23: Laos
January 25 - March 17: Vietnam
March 18 - April 4: Cambodia
April 6 - April 16: Thailand
April 18 - April 24: Wrap-up, back in Toronto

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