'Their Finest' - Movie Review

Second World War, home front, London. Catrin Cole (Gemma Arterton) gets a job with the Ministry of Information writing scripts for informational short films - she thought she'd be in the secretarial pool. There she finds herself contending with a very intelligent and obnoxious screenwriter (Sam Claflin) and an aging actor (Bill Nighy) whose glory days are behind him (although he has trouble acknowledging that). Her husband (Jack Huston), injured in the Spanish Civil War and now an artist, is uncomfortable with her making more money than he does.

Arterton is good as usual. I wasn't familiar with Claflin, but he was very good. Nighy has a particular brand of over-acting he uses for both comedy and bad-guy roles that I don't particularly love, but in his more serious moments he's also good. A thoroughly charming film that manages to be funny, feminist, depressing, and hopeful all in one package.